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When should I move to a monthly subscription?

Pay-As-You-Go. Most organizations begin by simply posting job listings as positions open within their organization, using Pay-As-You-Go credits. Credits cost $99 and allow you to post one job listing. If you purchase more than one credit at a time, each additional credit will cost just $74 (a savings of 25%). On this plan you can purchase credits for future job listings and then post jobs as they arise. Your credits do not expire.

For Growing Teams. We recommend moving to this monthly subscription when you know that you will need to post an average of 3 jobs per month. The Growing Team plan costs $199/month for 3 credits (a savings of 33%) and you can post the jobs at any time during the month. You can always discontinue this plan if your recruiting needs change. Unused credits will roll over to the following month, so you could easily accumulate credits and then use them all at once in the future.

The Unlimited Plan. This plan allows you to post an unlimited number of job listings at any time, for $499/month. This plan is an excellent option for nonprofits with frequent job listings, headhunting and executive placement agencies. This plan starts saving you money with an average of 6 jobs per month, or if you have a lot of jobs to start with.

To change your plan, simply go to account dashboard, and follow the prompts, or contact us.

If you need further assistance: