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What is your refund policy?

1. We offer no refunds for individual job listings that have already been posted. All listings last 30 days from the date they were posted. If you need to remove your listing before the 30 days are up, we cannot issue a refund for the unused days.

2. Unused Pay-As-You-Go credits. If you have purchased multiple credits on your Pay-As-You-Go plan and have credits that are unused, we can refund them. Please note that your credits will never expire, so you can keep them indefinitely to be used in the future.

3. For organizations on a Growing Team subscription (3 credits for $199/month) we will only provide a refund if you have posted no job listings for the month in question and need to downgrade your plan. Please note that if you maintain this plan active, unused credits will roll over from one month to the next, so you can use them all at once in the future. Credits will never expire.

4. If you are on an Unlimited Plan (unlimited job listings for $499/month) we can only provide a refund (pro-rated) if you have posted 3 or fewer job listings in the month and need to downgrade your plan. If you're on a yearly Big Team plan ($4,999/year) refunds will depend on the plan you choose to downgrade to.

Please feel free to Contact Us with any further questions regarding refunds.

If you need further assistance: