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Our Mission

National Nonprofits connects nonprofit organizations with the talent and resources they need to successfully pursue their missions.

Our Values and Vision

We strongly believe that the work nonprofits do is vital to the health and well-being of our country. Without a vibrant nonprofit sector, many basic human needs would not be met. We recognize the essential role nonprofits play in providing food, healthcare, housing, education, legal services, and quality of life through arts and culture - to millions of people.

The first service we're launching to support the nonprofit sector is a job board (rolled out in 2017), recognizing that great talent is key to strong nonprofits. In the coming years we plan to add new services to help connect nonprofits to local and national resources.

Our Team

The team at National Nonprofits is comprised of professionals with extensive experience in the nonprofit sector, and an unwavering commitment to the causes you work on. We're growing quickly and look forward to being your partner in service for many years to come!

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