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How can I change my billing preferences?

Update Your Credit Card Information

To update the credit card information associated with your automatically recurring plan, you can follow the link in the original confirmation email you received when you set up the plan. If you cannot find that email, please Contact Us and we can resend you the link or make the change for you.

Turn Off Recurring Payments

If you've set up a recurring plan using your credit card or PayPal and would like to switch to paying by check, simply use the Contact Us form to let us know. We'll make the change to your plan on your behalf. From then on you will receive an email notification when a payment is due, and can send a check (within 10 days of the invoice) without your job listings being affected.

Turn On Recurring Payments

If you originally chose to pay via check and now prefer to pay via credit card or PayPal, simply follow the link in your payment reminder or go to, choose your plan, and make a credit card or Paypal payment. After you have completed the first online payment, your subsequent payments will automatically be charged to that new payment method.

If you need further assistance: