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Can I remove a job listing early?

Yes. You can remove a job listing from public view before the 30-day period has expired. To do so:

Can I clone a job listing and edit it?

Yes. This makes it quicker to post similar job listings. Please first make sure that your plan allows for an additional job listing.

To clone a listing and then edit it:

When should I move to a monthly subscription?

Pay-As-You-Go. Most organizations begin by simply posting job listings as positions open within their organization, using Pay-As-You-Go credits. Credits cost $99 and allow you to post one job listing. If you purchase more than one credit at a time, each additional credit will cost just $74 (a savings of 25%). On this plan you can purchase credits for future job listings and then post jobs as they arise. Your credits do not expire.

What is your refund policy?

1. We offer no refunds for individual job listings that have already been posted. All listings last 30 days from the date they were posted. If you need to remove your listing before the 30 days are up, we cannot issue a refund for the unused days.

2. Unused Pay-As-You-Go credits. If you have purchased multiple credits on your Pay-As-You-Go plan and have credits that are unused, we can refund them. Please note that your credits will never expire, so you can keep them indefinitely to be used in the future.

How do I change or cancel my plan?

Upgrade Your Plan

If you are on a Pay-As-You-Go plan and would like to upgrade to a monthly or yearly plan, simply follow the prompts in your dashboard. Log in, go to My Account and then click on Buy More Credits or Save with a Monthly Subscription.

Downgrade or Cancel Your Subscription

If you are on a monthly subscription and would like to downgrade back to a Pay-As-You-Go plan, go to My Account, scroll down the page to the My Plan heading and click on the Cancel Plan link and then indicate what you would like to do.

How can I change my billing preferences?

Update Your Credit Card Information

To update the credit card information associated with your automatically recurring plan, you can follow the link in the original confirmation email you received when you set up the plan. If you cannot find that email, please Contact Us and we can resend you the link or make the change for you.

How does recurring billing work?

When you purchase a recurring monthly plan (Growing Team or Big Team) and pay with a credit card, the first payment will be processed the morning following your purchase. Subsequent payments will be processed automatically on the date your plan recurs. For example, if you sign up and pay on July 1, the first payment will hit your card on July 2. Subsequent payments will be processed on August 1, September 1, etc.

The email receipt for your purchase will only go out when your card has been charged the following morning.


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