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Grassroots Leadership Organizer

This job is no longer available

Salt Lake City, UT, USA

At United Way of Salt Lake, we care passionately about the success of children. When challenges arise in our schools and communities, we rally and bring people together to transform current systems so our children can reach their greatest potential. 

To make this happen, we need your help! We are looking for passionate members of our community to join our Grassroots Leadership team to ensure that families and community voices can lead the way in transforming our communities. To do this, we engage community members to start conversations on what matters the most to them, and elevate their experiences to impact decision making processes. 

Joining our Grassroots Leadership team, you will serve as a Grassroots Leadership Organizer. This is a paid fellowship—a training and practice program lasting from Fall 2019 - Summer 2020.  We aim to find those interested in growing in community organizing who live, breathe, and intimately know the neighborhoods and communities of South Salt Lake and Kearns. If you are committed to your community and are willing to go the extra-mile to drive social change, this is the opportunity for you!

Areas of Responsibility: 
  • Reach and recruit parents at schools, community centers, faith communities, and other gathering sites in our neighborhoods to participate in leadership opportunities
  • Come up with out-of-the-box ideas to get parents participating in a discussion over what’s happening at their schools and in their children’s education
  • Learn about the lived-experiences of families in our neighborhoods through your own community-based research project
  • Develop a participatory process for families to identify what’s most important for them and for them to lead their own initiatives to address them
  • Plan and run events to improve family participation and community leadership
  • Interpret for parents from your language community
  • Design and translate fliers to promote events and initiatives
  • Make phone calls, build relationships, and recruit folks to your initiatives
  • Keep a log and record your interactions with parents in the community
  • Attend partner and community meetings, and help by taking notes, preparing agendas, and participate in discussions
  • Perform public presentations
  • Grow as a person, as a professional, and as a leader in your language community
Educational Background: 
High School Diploma
  • You have an intimate perspective of the unique struggles of parents and families from migrant or native american backgrounds and you are emotionally invested in improving their lives
  • When you witness a problem in your community, you tend to take the lead and do something about it
  • You are no stranger to potlucks, meetings, or events - in fact, you enjoy organizing them
  • You love meeting new people, making them feel at home, and building rich relationships
  • You know the value of paying attention to the little details such as remembering people’s names, and following up with people
  • You are aware and grounded in your own experience when sharing with others, able to connect your own personal story into why the work is important
  • You have a knack to investigate beyond the headlines and a curiosity to dig deeper into their causes
  • You value how precious people’s privacy can be and you uphold their confidentiality
  • You are organized, accountable for your work, keep your own calendar, show up on time and ready to help
  • You actively seek feedback, reflect on your work, and want to develop your craft as a community organizer
  • You have a sense of how privilege and identity constantly impact your work with communities


  • You speak fluently both English and one of the following languages: Spanish, Arabic, Somali, Swahili, Nepali, or other languages spoken by migrant or Native American communities in Utah
  • You possess understanding and familiarity over the culture and realities of your non-english language communities
  • You have experience in organizing events, meetings, or initiatives
  • You have had some experience bringing people together by organizing gatherings of any kind
  • You can write professional emails, and use computers to log information
  • You make this fellowship a priority for the 8-month duration\
  • A paid fellowship at $14 per hour, around 15 hours a week, for 8 months (ends in June 2020)
  • Flexibility in terms of when you work, as long as you maintain 15 hours a week, and are available at times and days of the week when parents are available to meet
  • Trainings in community organizing, participatory action research, meeting facilitation, event planning, deep canvassing, and leadership development
  • Thoughtful and consistent coaching and mentoring
  • Salary: Less than $20,000 per year

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