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Development Associate

Houston, TX, USA

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   Work directly with all levels of the organization to manage project workflow and oversee the day to day milestones for projects specific to leading special/fundraising events.

Areas of Responsibility: 

Assist in writing grant proposals and development event opportunities.  Perform all duties to ensure timely, accurate, and effective grant submission.  Develops reporting schedule and submission. Maintain a good calendar of effective grant submission schedules.  Continually add potential grant-making foundations to our contacts.Keep development staff informed of the deadlines.Prepare quarterly newsletters for print productions, including article collection, editing, proofing, printing, and delivery. o Prepare PowerPoint presentations for donor development, and prepare donor packets for ED/DD as requested. o Prepare an annual ministry report with quality graphics and information for our donors. o Create and maintain all e-news communication and support social media content and website updates as needed.  GIFT ADMINISTRATION and DONOR MANAGEMENT Handle all duties concerning gift recording, receipting, and deposit preparation.  Include any notation of any follow-up tasks or communication.  Record any personal information passed on by the Executive Director or Development DirectorManage the donor management system and continue to promote the advancement of the utilization of the platform and its integration of supporting platforms to promote efficiency in productivity for the organization. 

Educational Background: 
Associates/Bachelor’s degree and/or 3 to 4 years of working in fund management experience required. raising, development, or project

Foster positive relations with current donors, board members, volunteers, neighbors, and staff. Ability to work well with a team to promote organizational initiatives. ● Ability to prioritize and manage several milestones and projects efficiently. ● Position requires evening and weekend work. ● Professional written and interpersonal skills when communicating with neighbors, donors, board members, and sponsors. ● Experience in Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint programs and graphic/website design software (Corel, WordPress, Photoshop, Illustrator) needed. ● Photography and videography experience is a plus. 


Salary commensurate with experience. Benefits included with the position.

How to Apply: 

Organization Info

Agape Development

Houston, TX, USA
Annual Budget : 
11-50 employees
About Us
Areas of Focus: 

At Agape Development, we are transforming our neighborhood by
preparing Christ-following, independent, community leaders.


At Agape Development, we serve the entire family and seek to empower our community through the life-changing message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Adult-Social Business

The Agape Property Repair Team is a dual mission enterprise. We provide high quality and affordable handyman services to the Greater Houston area, and we provide meaningful employment, living wages, and holistic development in our community.


In the OST/South Union community, strong adult leadership can dramatically improve the life of a family and surrounding community. So, we offer programming to empower adults in their most often mentioned and most critical areas of need: Employment and Discipleship. We offer discipleship groups for women and men that meet regularly for prayer, Bible study and fellowship. In the midst of these relationships, real transformation is worked out. We also conduct retreats where we share the gospel of Jesus Christ. These events have changed the trajectory of so many families. We also believe that work is important for healthy communities. Our staff and volunteers work hard to help every adult find employment to support a family. This includes resume writing, interview practice, transportation, follow-up calls and thank you notes to employers, coaching on appropriate dress, and workplace behavior training. In both our discipleship and employment efforts, we rely upon partnering organizations and talented volunteers to join our staff in serving the adults of our neighborhood.

Young Adults

We value our community and want to see it thrive continuously. For this to come to fruition, we feel it is important to create a compelling alternative young adult community that offers goal-setting, accountability, discipleship, and healthy community relationships. When personal development isn’t put on display, highlighted, or presented as achievable, young adults miss the opportunity to mature and blossom into Christ-following, independent, community leaders, and often turn to negative outlets.

Youth Ministry

The American teenage experience is full of forks in the road where young people can make heroic or destructive decisions. All teens need mature adults guiding them to hear and obey Jesus Christ in this critical phase of life. Our experiential discipleship program introduces the gospel and how it intersects our life. In this program we will process with others the present pain considering God's Word as it speaks to grief, loss, and ultimate victory. We will face failure and work through it as we share our stories and together look at examples from scripture. The small groups will encourage us to celebrate life's accomplishments together, observe traditions together, and rejoice together when God answers our prayers. Together we will worship, serve, eat, pray, play, and study scripture.

Children and Parents' Ministry

Our community is filled with children with bright ideas and innocent hearts. We recognize that threats to those qualities exist and so we offer programming to protect and develop our youth. The Children's & Parents' Ministry is devoted to not only developing the whole child, whether it's spiritually, socially, or academically, but strengthening parents through workshops, resources, and fellowship. We have an array of programs throughout the year devoted to enhancing our future leaders. Our Backyard Bible Club is an after-school program that allows children to have a safe-haven during the school year to further education and friendships. During the summer we offer a seven-week camp, ensuring that no mind is left idle. Here we combine our love for fun and faith. ​

Agape Homes 

Preserving affordability without concentration poverty. Agape Homes CDC will build new homes on empty lots causing zero displacement while increasing the owner occupancy rate in the neighborhood.
Build homes that will range from an 839 sq. ft. 2 bedroom/ 1 bath home to a 1431 sq. ft. 3 bedroom/ 2.5 bath home.  
Agape Homes will build 74 community designed new homes, over 50% of which will serve families below 80% AMI. The other 50% will be priced to be attractive to work force and market buyers. The majority will be sold to low and moderate income earners.
All the houses will be built in a likewise manner to fit the current and historical architecture of the Greater OST/South Union neighborhood with community input.
The Agape Affordable Program will achieve home ownership through low monthly mortgage amounts that would be close to current rent levels for an equivalent apartment.  


Why Work For Us?: 

At Agape Development, we will
 know Christ more intimately and reflect him more clearly.
 know that we are each a valued part of a caring community.
 share in a joyful and life-giving experience.
 be sharpened to pursue excellence and make an impact.

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Aug 10 2020
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Sep 10 2020
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Agape Development