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Program & Systems Coordinator

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Los Angeles, CA, USALos AngelesCAUSA

Thirst Project is the world’s largest youth water organization. We exist to educate students about the water crisis and mobilize them to fundraise for international water projects. Since 2008, we’ve funded over 2,800 clean water projects that have provided safe, clean water for life to more than 390,000 people in 13 countries. We plan to double that in the next two years. Ambitious? Yes. Possible? With your help.

Title: School Tour & Systems Coordinator

Supervisor: Director of School Tour & Systems

Start date: MONDAY, JUNE 3RD

Location: Los Angeles Headquarters

To deliver on that goal, we’re building THE best-in-class team of hella smart people ready to roll up their sleeves (or their skinny jeans) and grow with us. We believe in hiring people who are smart, solution-oriented, a little weird, and hungry (or thirsty). We can teach you the skills, as long as you bring the passion and cookies; preferably the chewy kind. You’ll get to work alongside every member of our tight-knit Bieber-obsessed team while learning how a top-dog student organization is built from the ground up.

Areas of Responsibility: 

We’re looking for a detail-oriented individual with a passion for the global water crisis to join our growing Education Programs Team. This individual will be the engine behind the growth and expansion of our School Tour. With your help, we will be speaking to more schools than ever before, educating more students, and in turn, building more water projects. You’re going to help us make School Tour a hotter ticket than the Jonas Brothers Reunion Tour.

Our School Tour is the bread and butter of what we do. Every semester we send teams of star studded Road Warriors (translation: Avenger-like college students who take a semester off college to go on an EPIC road trip and change the world) to travel the US speaking to middle school, high school, and college students about the global water crisis. Through our high energy, highly motivational 40-minute presentations (think about a Beyonce concert mixed with a little Bill Nye), students learn about the water crisis and what they can do to immediately to help. After the presentation, our education department coaches mentor students so that they can plan events, activities, campaigns, and fundraisers to raise awareness and money to help build more water projects. #youagoodperson

Here’s where we need you! Thanks to our amazing teachers and students who share their positive experiences about school tour with their friends, and thanks to our celebrity influencers, we get hundreds of requests each year from schools inviting us to present. We need an amazing team member who can own the process of growing our School Tour. With a numbers-obsessed, logistically sound, never-back-down attitude, you will own the majority of booking our School Tour that will reach over 800 schools every year.



  • You’re a logistical WIZARD, Harry! Create the magic of School Tour by booking school presentations, setting up homestays and coordinating all logistics so we can educate as many students as possible about the water crisis.
  • Recruit charismatic Thirst Project Road Warriors every Fall and Spring school semester.
  • Assist in training Road Warriors, which includes presentation training, student fundraising and so much more!
  • Help Thirst Project find new schools to visit so we can raise money for water projects.
  • Miscellaneous duties to help the Education Team (aka the best department evaaa) be AWESOME.

Experience/Qualities Desired:

  • Passionate about seeing the END of the global water crisis through a MOVEMENT of young people.
    • Nothing is cooler than helping a sixth grader from Delaware plan a badminton tournament to give people halfway around the world clean water. Believe in the power of young people.
  • Youthful, FUN, highly relational, loves student leadership.
    • Must have good jokes (negotiable) and be willing to laugh at ours (non-negotiable).
    • Must love to work with young people, help grow student leaders in a mentorship role.
  • Detail oriented and logistically sound. WE NEED YOU TO LOVE DETAILS.
    • You can find Waldo in half a second, no problem.
  • Someone who is extremely organized and efficient, with a technical mind.
    • You’re essentially the love-child of Marie Kondo and Microsoft. Problem solving and process building sparks all the joy.
  • A decision-maker with great judgment and a self-starter mentality
    • You have no problem picking the restaurant.
  • Flexible and adaptable to different schedules, projects.
    • Agility: Looking for someone with a flexibility level between Gumby and a US gymnast. We move fast, we learn & shift even faster. You must be able to keep up.
    • Some days you’ll work past your 9-5 schedule. Other days, you need to be willing to leave work 1 hour early to get a FastPass at Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • CMS experience highly desired *cough* Salesforce *cough*. Willingness to learn other systems as needed (but mostly Salesforce).
    • Background in any type of data management role. Got 99 problems but data ain’t one.
  • Fundraising experience is also a PLUS. You did a lemonade stand as a 5 year old? We’ll count it.
  • Strong written & oral communication skills required.

Perks of working at Thirst Project

  1. 17 days vacation, 3 sick days for sniffles, 3 personal days for those days when you just wanna stay in with your boo, all national holidays, AND the week between Christmas & New Year’s.
  2. Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, Vision Insurance. (AKA… Bandaids, fillings for those cavities, sexy new hipster glasses).
  3. FREE Trip to the Kingdom of eSwatini to see the impact of our work after 2 years of working with us.
  4. Employer matching savings plan…because…working for a charity shouldn’t mean you go broke.
  5. Living in the City of Angels. Let’s be honest… Weather. Is. Perfect. All. Year.
  6. Working alongside a BEST in class team who share a passion and desire to end the water crisis!
How to Apply: 

Send a one-page resume and cover letter (in your cover letter, give an example of a time when you created or optimized a process at work or school) to [email protected] with the subject line: (YOUR FIRST NAME) IS YOUR SCHOOL TOUR EXTRAORDINAIRE. Note, we’re severely allergic to boring cover letters and resumes. Be creative.

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Thirst Project

Los Angeles, CA, USA
1-10 employees
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Thirst Project is a nonprofit organization that works with the support of young people to END the global water crisis by building freshwater wells in developing communities that need safe, clean drinking water. Why Water? Health and Sanitation: Waterborne diseases kill more children every single year than AIDS, Malaria, and all world violence combined. Small children typically do not have strong enough immune systems to fight diseases like cholera, dysentery, or schistosomiasis.

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