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Executive Assistant

New York, NY

Keren Or, Inc.'s New York office, under the leadership of the Executive Director, and  the guidance of the Board of Directors, is tasked with supporting the Keren Or Center in Jerusalem.

An Assistant to the Executive Director must perform various vital functions to allow the New York office to properly function and fulfill its mission.  These include:

1)  Office management and basic support of Executive Director.

2)  Donation processing and donor relations. Reports and Analyses. Prospect research.

3)  Public Relations and correspondence.

4)  Event planning and execution.

5)  Assisting Keren Or in various capacities.

Areas of Responsibility: 

1)  Office management:

  • Maintenance of supplies and equipment - interfacing with vendors.
  • Dealing with building management when called for.
  • Troubleshooting equipment problems.
  • Overseeing interns and volunteers.
  • Answering and screening phone calls, assisting callers whenever possible.
  • Keeping the office presentable and orderly.
  • Maintaining office calendar.  

2) Donation processing and donor relations  

  • Assisting in creating mass mailing campaigns.
  • Working with DonorPerfect with data input.
  • Generating reports and Excel spreadsheets and assisting in analyzing them.
  • Interfacing and assisting donors and prospective donors.
  • Dealing with Women's Division leadership, members and events.
  • Thank you letters and receipts.
  • Doing research for grants, foundations, planned giving and individual prospects.

3) Correspondence and Public Relations.

  • Group emails for general information and publicity, event announcements.
  • Assisting in creating public relations materials: brochures, newsletters, targeted emails, 
  • Rosh Hashana and Purim cards
  • Constant Contact for mass emails,
  • Personal letters to donors.
  • Creating and mailing or emailing in honor and memory cards.  
  • Preparing for board meetings - including venue, correspondence, attendance.

4) Event Planning and Execution 

  • Assisting in planning events.
  • Mailings and email invitations.
  • Guest list and donation tracking.  
  • Seating and place cards.
  • Preparing materials for event.
  • Attending event, registration, payments, socializing and  assisting guests.
  • Follow-up analysis and collection of pledges.

5) Miscellaneous Assistance to Executive Director, staff, board of directors, Women's Division board, donors, event attendees and prospects.


MUST be able to read/understand Hebrew.

Comfortable with excel, word, and Google suite.

Flexible with changing priorities midway.

Knowledge of DonorPerfect a plus.


Benefits included

Office Hours: M-Th 9:30-5 PM, Fri 9:30-3 PM

Off on National Jewish Holidays

Organization Info

Keren Or, Inc.

New York, NY, USA
Annual Budget : 
1-10 employees
About Us

Keren Or Jerusalem Center for Blind Children with Multiple Disabilities is 501(c)(3) nonprofit dedicated to the education and care of children in Israel who are visually impaired and also cognitively, developmentally, and/or physically disabled. Our mission is to provide our students with comprehensive care, stimulating educational exercises, and rehabilitative therapies designed to help them reach their full potential and lead lives that are meaningful and productive.

Keren Or is the only therapy center of its kind in the world, under Jewish auspices, devoted exclusively to the visually impaired population. The Keren Or approach works with a lot of love, patience, and professionalism on the part of our dedicated team, persistent students, and supportive families. We focus optimistically on what each student might be able to achieve, if given the opportunity and the support. Students of our nonresidential center utilize different therapy and educational services during the day and are able to go home and spend time with their families at night. Our facilities, dedicated staff, and individualized therapy programs allow each of our students to reach his or her maximum potential. To meet the individual needs of our students, who range in the severity of their disabilities, our staff of therapists and caregivers work together to create a comprehensive customized care plan for each child. Each day, we witness little miracles when a child learns to walk, or when a child discovers how to communicate, or when a child finds joy in music and play.

At Keren Or, we want all children to have the ability to simply be a child and as such, we provide top quality care and support for these children regardless of a family’s ability to pay. Keren Or’s New York office supports the Center in Jerusalem by communicating with and engaging donors, as well as providing opportunities for the community to get involved. With the help of our generous donors and funds from state and local municipalities, we aim to limit the financial burden on families so their children are able to benefit from the services provided by Keren Or.

We are fortunate to have a very involved board at Keren Or who both advocate for, and provide oversight of our work. The Women’s Division is an active part of outreach and fundraising efforts efforts for Keren Or, These dedicated women host a variety of social and cultural activities to connect potential and current supporters with our mission. B’nei Mitzvah-aged children, high school students, college students, young professionals, and adults of all ages can become involved with and support the Keren Or mission in New York City as well as on the ground in Israel.


At Keren Or, goals and individual treatment plans are developed for each child by a collaborative team of professionals that includes the school principal, psychologist, social worker, health professionals, classroom teachers, and students’ families. Keren Or’s skilled multidisciplinary staff, high staff-to-student ratio and excellent staff retention rate are key to successful outcomes. Educational and therapeutic programming are individually tailored and take into account the effect of blindness on other disabilities in order to address how each  impact the student’s disabilities. Goals include improving motor skills and developing speech, or alternative forms of communication, in a respectful, enabling environment. Treatment plans are continually reevaluated by staff to ensure that the most effective therapeutic program is developed for each child.

Cooperation with family is fundamental to our work. Parents are full partners in structuring educational and therapeutic programs for their children and help ensure that treatment positively impacts home life. Keren Or also offers family-inclusive support services and workshops to complement their children’s program.

Over the years, Keren Or has developed a variety of teaching methods and rehabilitative techniques geared to assist a wide range of students. Our holistic approach to care involves a broad range of special education techniques and innovative assistive equipment. Keren Or’s multiple therapeutic programs include: hydrotherapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, music therapy, computer therapy, pet therapy, therapeutic gardening, and feeding programs.

Cooperation with family is fundamental to our work. Parents are full partners in structuring educational and therapeutic programs for their children and help ensure that treatment positively impacts home life. Keren Or also offers family-inclusive support services and workshops to complement their children’s program.

In addition, Keren Or benefits from an excellent relationship with the local community. Shabbat services held at the Center’s synagogue are coordinated by neighborhood residents.

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