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President & CEO

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Alexandria, VA

The President & CEO is the top-level executive leading the vision, making sure its culture is shared, pervasive, and enduring, and executing its new five-year strategic plan. Specifically, the CEO ensures ZERO’s programmatic, public policy, health equity, fiscal, fundraising, marketing, operations, and technology strategies are effectively implemented across all segments of the organization with a focus on maintaining and advancing ZERO’s legacy of impeccable commitment to organizational health above all else.

Associated responsibilities include leading all aspects of ZERO operations with a focus on long-term goals, growth, and scalability. The President & CEO will work with all executives and Board of Directors to establish strategy, goals, plans and policies. The President & CEO will provide financial management oversight, build the annual budget and monthly, quarterly, and annual reporting to the Board of Directors to ensure adequate and sound funding for the mission and goals of the organization. The President & CEO serves a critical role in developing, enhancing and leveraging external relationships, expanding support and awareness in the community, improving health equity in prostate cancer care, and elevating ZERO toward being a household name.

Areas of Responsibility: 


  • Provide vision and leadership to the staff and board by building and nurturing a behaviorally cohesive team, achieving clarity and alignment among the management team members of ZERO, communicate clarity across the organization, and reinforce systems to reinforce clarity. 

  • Present regular reports on the status of the organization’s performance, effectiveness, and operations to the Board of Directors and to company staff.

  • Work collaboratively with the management team, staff, Medical and Patient/Caregiver Advisory Boards, Health Equity Task Force, and Board of Directors to implement ZERO’s strategic plan, tactics dashboard, and playbook as well provide regular evaluations of progress toward the organization’s goals. 

  • Represent ZERO by impeccably communicating the organization’s mission, vision, values, programmatic priorities, and needs to staff, Board of Directors, donors, champions, volunteers, and external audiences through all oral and written forms. 

  • Empower, promote, and provide leadership across ZERO on all diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging initiatives that are internally and/or externally driven. 

  • Collaborate with the Chair of the Board, Executive Committee, and the Board of Directors to ensure strong Board governance. 

  • Lead the organization by establishing clear lines of communication and organizational transparency. Provide well-defined opportunities for committee, advisory board, and staff engagement,  innovation, assist the Board in recruitment, selection and evaluation of Board members, and actively inform and engage the Board about issues of need and importance. 

  • Create and maintain strong relationships with nonprofit organizations and other relevant community partners throughout the country to understand and articulate evolving needs of the prostate cancer universe and build the organization as an indispensable partner with the prostate cancer community overall and with high-risk segments within that community.

  • Maintain and build upon ZERO as a respected leader in the nonprofit space by keeping the organization in high-standing with places like Charity Navigator, Charity Watch, and NonProfit Times Best NonProfits to Work for. 

  • Engage the board in discussions that reinforce ZERO’s development and strategic ambitions, identify and promptly communicate any issues, and hold a dialogue guidance and recommendations with the Board of Directors. 

  • Engage and guide staff in developing their leadership skills and styles toward being their best selves; embracing ZERO’s values of being humble, hungry, and empathetic.  Encouraging staff to build on their strengths and to collaborate cohesively with each other in teams and across teams while creating a circle of safety to fail fast and succeed as one.

  • Build a bench of highly-talented staff of individuals who are capable of becoming future leaders of the organization and the cause; sustaining long-term growth and success of ZERO. 

  • Study the organizational health mindset while sharing and demonstrating its practices daily.  Encourage and reinforce those practices across the organization to individuals and teams. 

Operations and Financials:

  • Assume fiduciary responsibility, enforce financial controls and guidelines to ensure ZERO’s assets are protected. 

  • Ensure financial controls are effectively utilized, internal controls are in keeping with industry standards, and investments are optimized. 

  • Responsible for long-term financial planning and ZERO’s annual budget. 

  • Responsible for balancing organizational staffing and programmatic needs with its finances and financial forecasting for current and fiscal years to come. 

  • Position ZERO to proactively weather fluctuations and potential turmoil in the economy by continuing to build the operating reserves. 

  • Oversee ZERO’s annual budgeting process, quarterly tracking, and producing financial reports to the Board of Directors.

  • Closely monitor revenues and expenditures against plan and budget; take action as necessary to ensure the financial integrity of the organization.

  • Ensure that the annual independent audit and all compliance measures are in excellent order.

  • Manage funding to enable ZERO to make continuous progress toward its mission; properly reflecting present needs and future potential. 

  • Manage infrastructure needs across the organization while also managing and prioritizing needs across multiple teams, projects, and timelines. 

  • Analyze, evaluate, and manage the operations of staffing patterns and return of investment of organizational campaigns, events, and projects.  

  • Lead project management and best practices with cross-team communications to ensure effective and successful use of resources; optimizing positivity and limiting stress and burnout.

  • Implement and improve human and technology systems that reinforce clear communications across teams.

Development, Events, Fundraising, and Marketing:

  • Represent ZERO as the primary “face” of the organization; impeccably representing the organization to patients, caregivers, clinicians, researchers, donors, corporate funders, the media, as well as general and specialized audiences in-person, on video, and through social media. 

  • Encourage a donor-centric mentality among a broad base of participants including the Board of Directors, staff, major donors, corporate partners, ZERO’s Champions and volunteers, and peer-to-peer fundraisers.

  • Develop and project a positive persona by delivering engaging story-telling aimed at all audiences to advance ZERO’s mission, its strategic goals, and promised partner deliverables.

  • Actively work to raise the profile of ZERO toward being a household name across the country, engaging people impacted by prostate cancer and potential partners across multiple landscapes (sponsors, media, nonprofit community, etc.) to contribute time, talent, and treasure to the cause and the organization.

  • Grow ZERO’s financial and database assets as well as its reserve to support the organization’s long-term sustainability, growth, and success. 

  • Personally work with and steward relationships with major donors, corporate partners, peer-to-peer fundraisers, and other key constituents to support their philanthropic wishes and guide them to maximize the impact of their goals and align them with those of the organization.

  • Support and guide ZERO’s Chapters program as well as develop additional operating income by innovating new revenue streams that engage new audiences.

  • Build and execute comprehensive marketing, media, and development strategies and ensure consistency, collaboration, and cohesion throughout the organization. 

  • Learn and share information about best practices in the industry about fundraising, building critical mass, technology, project management, marketing, events, and other relevant trends. 

Policy, Programs, and Health Equity:

  • Strengthen and empower ZERO’s abilities to improve health equity across the prostate cancer space by leading with influence. Prioritize health equity’s positioning in the organization as a vital asset within high risk communities and ensuring the execution of specific programs and campaigns. 

  • Ensure excellence in the delivery of high-quality programs and services while managing for current and future growth.

  • Increase effectiveness and efficiencies of programs throughout the organization by continually discerning which to launch, accelerate, decelerate, and close down.  

  • Ensure the strategic direction of ZERO’s government relations and public policy initiatives on the national and state levels; effectively communicating, to all audiences, the need to increase federal research dollars, education funding, and other access to care issues.

  • Further develop the Us TOO Support Group program by assessing the needs and ensuring the growth, development, and continued health of support groups across the country.  

  • Provide expertise, staffing, and funding to support a broad range of projects, programs, and campaigns that address unmet patient needs, and ongoing services to patients and their families as well as those at risk. 

  • Learn and share information broadly in the public eye about prostate cancer awareness, screening, and treatment, the patient advocacy universe, global prostate cancer care universe, as well as ZERO’s programs, public policy efforts, and commitment to health equity.  

  • Further develop and evolve staff effectiveness and efficiency in recruiting volunteers (ZERO Champions, advocates, etc.) to engage in ZERO’s mission and outreach; with the aim of expanding participation in the organization’s support programs, policy activities, and health equity initiatives.

  • Actively work to establish and build partnerships to further the impact of ZERO’s programs, policy activities, and health equity initiatives on the community and national levels.


Desired Knowledge/Skills/Abilities: 

  • Exemplifies ZERO’s culture of humble, hungry and smart.

  • Ability to adapt to changing situations.

  • Excellent communication skills and ability to work across teams/departments.

  • Exceptional experience in embracing and facilitating organizational health,  executing organizational growth, and leading a similar or larger size successful nonprofit. 

  • Demonstrated experience working with and leading a nonprofit Board.

  • Track record of implementing and supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion through all facets of a nonprofit organization. 

  • Great experience and success in motivating, recruiting, developing, retaining, and mentoring stunning colleagues and teams; preferably in a high responsibility high freedom organizational culture. 

  • Excellent written, oral, and public speaking skills; a persuasive and passionate communicator with strong interpersonal and multidisciplinary project skills. 

  • Experienced fundraiser who is able to quickly translate philanthropic goals into achievable organizational action. 

  • Financial acumen to lead successful budget, audit, reserve planning outcomes, and project and planning analyses. 

  • Proven experience in thriving in a fast-paced environment with the exceptional ability to pivot from one topic, team, or issue quickly.

Minimum Qualifications: 

  • Five to 10 years of prior experience as a CEO, Executive Director, or related leadership role at a nonprofit.

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Public Administration, Management, Organizational Development, Marketing, Finance, or a related field of study or equivalent combination of education and work experience.

  • Proven track record of leading vision, company culture/organizational health, and business objectives.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Five to 10 years of prior experience as a CEO, Executive Director, or related position at a nonprofit with a preference for health-related nonprofit experience.

  • Master of Public Administration or similar degree in nonprofit management or equivalent combination of education and work experience. 

  • Project Management Professional (PMP)

  • Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP)

  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • Executive Education (EE) Certifications


One of many reasons to join the ZERO team is because we offer great benefits!

  • Unlimited PTO.

  • 403(b) retirement plan matching.

  • Employer paid benefits include: Medical, Dental, Short-Term Disability, & Long-Term Disability insurance.

  • Vision insurance.

  • FSA/HSA.

How to Apply: 

Visit to apply for this role. 

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ZERO-The End of Prostate Cancer

Alexandria, VA
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51-200 employees
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ZERO — The End of Prostate Cancer is the leading national nonprofit with the mission to end prostate cancer and help all who are impacted. ZERO advances research, provides support, and creates solutions to achieve health equity to meet the most critical needs of our community.

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