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Alianza Nacional de Campesinas, Inc.

Oxnard, California, USA
1-10 employees
Populations Served: 
Low Income
All Populations
About Us

Alianza de Campesinas’ mission is to unify the struggle to promote farm worker women’s leadership in a national movement to create a broader visibility and advocate for changes that ensure their human rights.


Alianza de Campesinas members have worked for many, many years to address gender based violence against farmworker women, including sexual harassment, sexual assault and domestic violence.  Unfortunately, many Alianza de Campesinas members have had firsthand experience with sexual harassment.  In addition, a number of Alianza de Campesinas members are survivors of other forms of violence.  Therefore, their activism on these issues are grounded in personal experiences as survivors and witnesses to the potential harm that violence causes individuals, families and communities.


We strongly believe in ensuring that victims and survivors receive holistic care to heal from and address the violence that they have suffered. Members have represented and supported farmworker survivors of gender based violence in the following ways:

  • As victim advocates in civil and criminal investigations and proceedings
  • Advocacy with local, state and federal agencies on behalf of farmworker survivors of violence to improve the level of care and responsiveness to farmworker victims and survivors' unique needs
  • Providing information and testimony to government agencies and other groups to improve laws and systems that serve farmworkers
  • Educate and inform social service organizations, legal organizations, crisis centers and coalitions about special considerations for serving the farmworker population, among others


Alianza de Campesinas members have conceptualized and created educational materials on the issue of sexual harassment and domestic violence, including curriculum for farmworker women and promotoras.  They have also developed outreach strategies and have helped other advocates develop resources, safety plans and other information for farmworker victims and survivors. Alianza de Campesinas members use and promote effective approaches to raise these sensitive and difficult topics, including using teatro, house meetings, and art.


Alianza de Campesinas members have authored, contributed to, served as consultants on and otherwise supported the publication of landmark reports, documentaries and media stories related to violence against farmworker women and children.


Alianza de Campesinas members have been actively engaged in educational efforts to inform political leaders and agency representatives at the local, state and federal level about the needs and priorities of farmworker women. In addition, Alianza de Campesinas members have advocated for changes to the administrative systems and processes that agencies use to accept and process claims to ensure that farmworker women can access protections under the existing laws and can meaningfully participate in investigations of violations against them. Further, Alianza de Campesinas has met with many political leaders to advocate for necessary reforms to immigration, employment, education, health and a range of different substantive areas of laws that do not adequately provide protections that are necessary for farmworker women and their families to live and work with dignity.

Why Work For Us?: 

Alianza Nacional de Campesinas, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer and prioritizes diversity among our staff, Board of Directors, and volunteers. We also maintain a strong interest in our employees’ career development and strive to provide opportunities for growth and education for dedicated members of our team.