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Executive Director

Lewis & Clark Discovery Expedition of St. Charles is looking for a highly energetic, self-starter to serve as the key professional leader and manager of the Lewis & Clark Boathouse and Museum, a non-profit with an excellent reputation for delivering unique educational programs through the Museum, traveling museum and volunteer speakers. The executive director will bring national recognition to this local treasure through development of partnerships, new events and an increased donor base. Executive Director reports to the Board of Directors.

Areas of Responsibility: 

Leadership (30%) 

Creates culture change within the organization by leading with energy and passion for history, education and conservation, utilizing new technologies for fundraising and communications and developing new programs and exhibits that excite and entice school-age children, families and adults to understand and appreciate the legacy of Lewis & Clark.

Annual and ongoing strategic planning in collaboration with the board.

Provides leadership to grow Museum visitors and organization membership in collaboration with Board and staff. Responsible for permanent and temporary Museum exhibits, educational program development, including special events and speakers. 

Serves as the primary consultant to the Board and Chair regarding organizational strategic planning initiatives and program development and execution. Provides guidance to the Board of Directors and permanent standing and temporary committees.

Serves as the LCDESC primary point of contact and acts as catalyst to accomplish goals through others through formal agreements and partnerships with other Lewis & Clark organizations, governmental entities, tribes, and appropriate partners. 

Executive Director is expected to be a part of the local St. Charles community and civic organizations such as Chamber of Commerce. As a national organization, the Executive Director is expected to be connected to first-tier museums and historical sites within the parameters of the Lewis & Clark trail.

Takes the lead in organizing workshops, task groups, and specialized training for members and volunteers. 

On call for facility emergencies

Fundraising (25%)

Leads the LCDESC efforts to obtain additional financial resources through seeking, writing and applying for appropriate grants.

Develops and leads new fundraising activities with volunteer support.

Develops organization partners, high-level and sustaining donors, corporate sponsors and membership programs.

Marketing (25%)

Markets the Museum and organization at national, state and local levels to government agencies, non-profit and volunteer organizations related to LCDESC interests

Conducts public and media relations at national, state and local levels in pursuit of positive exposure and publicity via social media and broadcast media.

Develops and executes a social media strategy that grows an engaged audience measured through followers, shares and engagement. 

Develops and executes timely communications to members and donors. Develops email strategy and campaigns, including publication of the LCDESC monthly newsletter for members and non-members/donors. 

Writes email, text, social media and web page content to various target audiences.

Maintains and frequently updates website with new photos, events, videos and content.

Utilizes software programs and apps, website and social media platforms needed as tools to efficiently manage office operations, to implement fiscal responsibilities and to communicate with the Board, chapters, members, and the public. 

Reports marketing progress and fund raising to Board each month.

Administration (20%)

Acts as the business manager for the Museum and purchaser for the Museum store and is independently responsible for the operational and managerial effectiveness of the Museum staff and development and execution of an annual budget in cooperation with the Board of Directors and the Finance Committee. Monitors and evaluates staff performance and needs. Monitors staff work performance and prepares annual performance evaluations. Periodically reports to the Board regarding individual work performance, accomplishments, and attitudes. 

Provides operational financial management, including development of a prioritized annual budget for the Board of Directors’ consideration and approval. Issues timely monthly financial statements to the Board to accurately reflect progress in executing the approved annual budget and draws attention to shortfalls or potential problems.

Completes required annual state submissions, such as employee W2’s, 990 tax form and schedules, corporation status renewal; quarterly reports and ancillary 

required licenses and permits.

Serves as the key professional leader, manager, and advisor of LCDESC. Formulates and directs staff and Board training. 

Grows volunteer base for Museum operations.

Manages and updates member, former member and donor databases


Required Qualifications, Skills, Knowledge and Abilities:

To successfully perform the duties of the Executive Director of the LCDESC, the executive director is expected to possess a majority of the skills through prior experience and training and to acquire those not possessed at hiring through ongoing professional development.

Ability to effectively problem solve, make thoughtful decisions, handle stressful conditions and situations associated with tight deadlines, supervisory issues, organizing meetings, leading matrix teams, and dealing with customers and volunteers. 

In-depth familiarity and appreciation for the legacy of Lewis and Clark’s Corps of Discovery Expedition or willingness to learn the story through education and experience.

Preferred Experience:

3 years management and supervisory experience preferred, including basic financial management principles relating to contract administration, accounting, and budgeting

3 years or equivalent successful fundraising experience and grant writing skills

3 years experience working in a non-profit, museum environment with some supervisory experience. Non-profit and volunteer management experience preferred.

Experience with MS Office, platforms for fundraising, texting, and email.

Deep experience with YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads, Facebook Analytics.

Educational Background: 
Bachelor degree

Strategic Planning







Salary commensurate with experience, health, vision, dental benefits, PTO 

Additional Information: 

Only qualified candidates will be contacted due to the volume of resumes received.

Organization Info

Lewis & Clark Discovery Expedition of St. Charles, MO

St. Louis, MO, USA
Annual Budget : 
1-10 employees
About Us
Areas of Focus: 

The Lewis & Clark Discovery Expedition of St. Charles will provide genuine living history and museum experiences that promote education and the study of our nation’s cultural and natural heritage, centering on the period surrounding the historic Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1803 – 1806.


Lewis & Clark Boathouse & Museum

The Museum exhibits features the Lewis & Clark legacy,  river conservation, interactive displays, medicine of  the 1800's, child-sized buildings of the 1800's and stories of the events impacting our nation's history & development from the perspective of the white man, black man & native American. Exact Replicas of the fleet of boats that carried the Corps of Discovery to up the Missouri River are on display. The Museum also offers an Event Center with space for corporate & private events.


Living History and Traveling Museum

Lewis & Clark Discovery Expedition has earned a national and international reputation for living history portrayals highlighting the life, times and perspectives of the white man, black man and native American. Historians demonstrate equipment, tools, clothing, modes of travel and lifestyle of the Lewis & Clark journey and discuss the  impact on modern society. For over 20 years the organization has successfully been educating thousands of visitors and school groups each year. 


The Distance Learning Education Program with a professional video series features the dramatic events written in the original journals and the individuals who made the perilous journey into the unknown. Six videos will be created each year providing education on the historic journey. Additional educational initiatives include:

  • Live Video Conferencing with experienced, certified living history storytellers 

  • Specimen and Sample Kits (8) loaned to teachers for class use

  • Worksheets and Teacher Notes and topic extension suggestions 


Why Work For Us?: 

When you work with a great organization and add passionate people who are constantly striving to deliver impact through education, you have a career that if more fun than work. Our staff members are encouraged to define and execute their own ideas and know that a strong volunteer base will be there to support their efforts.

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Lewis & Clark Discovery Expedition of St. Charles, MO