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Senior Monitoring & Evaluation Specialist- Evaluation

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Responsible for coordination of the design, implementation and reporting of the evaluation and Learning and Knowledge management components of the EAC M&E Functions se of quality primary education. 

Monitoring and evaluation are synergistic and interdependent. Monitoring is a continuing function undertaken by EAC and its partners, which uses systematic collection of data to provide management and the main stakeholders of on-going project or program with early indications of success or lack thereof, against the progress in the use of allocated resources. And, Evaluation is the periodic assessment of either completed or on-going project or program to determine the extent to which they are achieving stated objectives, or the extent to which change (success or failure) in the targeted results can be attributed to its interventions.-  Including formative and summative evaluations, case studies, surveys, and other assessments of EAC program activities and providing technical guidance and support to evaluation activities of partner projects.

Areas of Responsibility: 

Contribute to the further development of EAC’s monitoring and evaluation system

  • Work with M&E and Technical Teams to lead and coordinate the development of concepts, implementation processes and tools for the EAC Evaluation, Learning and Knowledge management functions.
  • Analyse and cross-compare data in project proposals, semi-annual reports (M&E, technical narrative and financial), and end of project reports and evaluations for identifying projects with promising practices for further studies (e.g., project evaluation, case study, research, etc.)
  • Propose annual plans and implement innovative summative and formative evaluation activities of EAC program and provide technical guidance and support to partner projects on their evaluations and assessments including baseline surveys, special studies, case studies, etc. This includes developing tools, Meta data analysis, report writing and publishing.
  • Participate and provide technical input (including tools and formats) for assessments of suitability of proposed projects for EAC support, capacity of partners to implement as proposed, and monitoring of results throughout the project cycle from initial EoI to the final project closeout.
  • Work closely with other M&E team members to provide technical input for development  of new (or improvement of existing) M&E frame works--including development of educational indicators, for the different EAC program initiatives such as “At Risk”, “transition to post-primary education.”
  • Work with EAC leadership in strategic planning, implementation, sand reporting regarding the progress and accomplishments of EAC funded projects.  Make recommendations as appropriate concerning measuring program results and impact.

Design and tool development

  • Contribute technical input for creating/refining instruments and analytical tools for collecting and analyzing data
  • Play a key role in assessing the M&E abilities of potential partners in relation to EAC’s M&E system and reporting.
  • Maintain constructive dialogue and technical exchange with field counterparts and technical staff of implementing partners as related to evaluations and knowledge management.
  • Under the guidance of the M&E Director, contribute to the analysis, reporting, and presentation of EAC data, including to the Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees

Identify potential models

  • Provide feedback on partner project approach, interventions and potential models that could be scaled-up
  • Contribute to identifying strengths and weaknesses of strategic approaches to reach OOSC and suggest areas of improvement.
  • Review partner evaluations to collect strategic and summary information for EAC programming
  • Identify cases for potential research/case studies
  • Conduct site visits for evaluations, assessments and case study purposes.
  • Working with EAC team to develop/refine SMART metrics for quality, innovation, scalability, learning, and sustainability
  • Working with M&E team contribute to assessment and analysis on partner projects and overall program performance

EAC sponsored events

  • Contribute to  the effective and efficient conduct of EAC meetings, workshop, conferences, and events, as appropriate

Quality assurance

  • Provide oversight of development, conduct, and analysis of evaluation, assessments, and survey data sets.
  • Ensure standards, procedures, and a strong conceptual framework for evaluations and studies are in place.
  • Provide the required support and assistance to external contractors working with EAC’s M&E evaluation, Learning and Knowledge management roles.
  • Contribute to the EAC Research activities as appropriate.
  • Assist in maintaining a high level of quality and appropriate branding for all products posted, published or distributed by EAC
  • Act as OIC for M&E Director or Senior M&E specialist if and when required

Timely deliverables

  • Submit all contractual and programmatic deliverables on time

Strategy and Business Plan

  • In conjunction with and as required by Senior Management, contribute to the formulation and implementation of EAA’s strategy in line with EAA’s vision and mission.
  • Ensure that strategy is translated into objectives for EAA’s departments and that performance is monitored and managed to ensure achievement of these objectives.

Budgets and Plan

  • Provide input to M&E departmental planning and budgeting including staff ensuring that EAC program evaluation and assessment function is sufficiently resourced and appropriately structured to deliver on its objectives.

Systems and Processes

  • Develop and oversee the implementation of EAC evaluation, learning and knowledge management policies, procedures and controls and standards are fulfilled to ensure that EAC and EAA deliver a world-class service. 
  • Manage the cost-efficient usage of all applicable resources to reduce wastage and unnecessary expense.

Change Management & Continuous Improvement

  • Contribute to managing change in M&E and EAC teams by providing inputs for and taking part in change initiatives, programs and projects that reflect international best practice in M&E and changes in the competitive environment.
  • Promote and drive continuous improvement across EAC information management systems as whole in order to achieve the organization’s mission, vision and strategy.
Educational Background: 
Master’s Degree or its International Equivalent in Knowledge/Information Services, Communications, Education, Environment, Health, Behavioral, Life/Social Sciences International Development, Human Development or Related Field.
  • Expert in quantitative, qualitative, and/or mixed methods research and evaluation methods, statistical design and analysis, particularly as applied to program evaluation.
  • Knowledge of international donors, government ministries, civil society organizations, and education policy makers in the field of education
  • Articulate oral and written communication skills in English
  • Knowledge of Monitoring & Evaluation Tools, Techniques and Approaches
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct qualitative and quantitative data analysis
  • Management & communication skills
  • Well organized, able to manage multiple tasks;
  • Capable of working independently with minimal supervision but skillful in collaborating and coordinating with other project staff and partners;
  • Typically requires 8-11 years of experience in education, health, behavioral, or social sciences or related field.
  • Knowledge and experience in specific technical area.
  • Informed of current program developments in division/unit/technical area.
  • Years of work experience that demonstrates sensitivity to and understanding of technical issues.
  • Ability to manage projects, set realistic priorities, and plan for the successful implementation of activities.
  • Experience in specialized technical/medical field of study.

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