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Executive Director

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New Orleans, LA, USA

It is expected that NOAF’s next leader will be someone who has a profound understanding of and commitment to abortion rights and who has experience in the woman’s rights movement, social and racial justice and equity. The new director must be unapologetic in support of access to safe, accessible and legal abortions. They will understand and be able to articulate how this issue is impacted by the larger issues of social justice and equity. NOAF values diversity and candidates from diverse backgrounds with an ability to work across all racial, gender and socio-economic lines are encouraged to apply.

Areas of Responsibility: 

As a small nonprofit NOAF’s board of directors is seeking someone who has had experience as the leader of a nonprofit, knows how to work effectively with a board of directors, staff, interns, and a large volunteer base.As with any small nonprofit organization, its leader will need to be able to balance the internal needs of the organization- hiring, staff performance management, and operations—and the external relationships that help sustain NOAF’s reputation in the community. Therefore, the successful candidate will demonstrate that they have effective management skills and are able to develop and support NOAF’s staff. The successful candidate will be able to motivate people to be loyal to the cause and the mission of NOAF. NOAF’s director will demonstrate that they value the human resources of the organization and can build a culture of respect and create a united team within the organization. NOAF’s mission has a focus on advocacy and outreach as well as the provision of meaningful client services. NOAF’s director must be able to provide absolute support to each area of NOAF’s work.


The ideal candidate will be someone who has demonstrable experience as an advocate for abortion and has experience working in the nonprofit sector. The ideal candidate will have demonstrable experience in the following areas: Advocacy, nonprofit management, resource development, strong communication skills, ability to work collaboratively.  Experience working in New Orleans and Louisiana will be helpful. The essential attributes of the candidate include: intersectional analysis, team builder, ability to engage in meaningful conversations, resiliancy and a sense of humor. 


NOAF is offering a salary of $64,000, plus benefits that include a health benefit allowance, paid holidays and vacation.

How to Apply: 

Please review the full Position Profile found on the NOAF website. Information on how to apply is found in this document.

Organization Info

New Orleans Abortion Fund

New Orleans, LA
Annual Budget : 
1-10 employees
About Us

In partnership with the National Network of Abortion Funds, the New Orleans Abortion Fund was established in 2012 as a community-based 501(c)(3) organization rooted in social justice, with the purpose of challenging socioeconomic inequalities by providing financial help to women who cannot afford the full cost of an abortion. We affirm a person's right to control one’s body and destiny, and work to ensure that all people have access to quality medical care, regardless of their economic situation. Working with local medical providers, we provide compassionate and empowering assistance to women seeking abortions who are unable to fully fund their abortion and distribute pledges as available.

  1. Client Services:  NOAF has made its mission to financially assist clients to access abortion care. Since day one, this has been the foundation of the work they do.
  2. Clinic Escorting: NOAF has defended access to its partner clinic in New Orleans for staff and patients by having volunteers and legal observers present to escort patients into the clinic and monitor behavior of the anti-abortion protestors. These escorts are a physical and psychological shield from the ever-present anti-abortion protestors.
  3. Outreach: NOAF reduces abortion stigma and uplifts fellow activists through sharing real stories via web series, radio shows, and story-sharing projects.
  4. Advocacy:  NOAF educates the community about local restrictions and proposed legislation through engaging events, canvassing, or rallies.
Why Work For Us?: 

NOAF is unapologetic in its goal to support abortion as health care. Abortion is front and center in its name and in its work. Its organizational culture is mission driven. They are known for bold, clear communication and for being spirited, thoughtful and insightful. Perhaps NOAF’s most significant asset is its human resources. While NOAF has a relatively small paid staff its work is accomplished by a strong and committed volunteer base. NOAF has more than 300 volunteers, many who have volunteered with NOAF for years. All share a commitment to NOAF’s mission and those served by NOAF. They are united by a common belief in women’s bodily autonomy and reproductive freedom. Most importantly, its volunteers know that they are having an impact on people’s lives.

NOAF client service volunteers staff its “cold line,” responding to requests for financial assistance five days a week. NOAF escort volunteers are trained to provide escort support and are present when the abortion clinic is open. NOAF’s escorts provide support to those who are entering a clinic to receive an abortion. Its mission is to provide a safe walk, as a volunteer has said: “our eyes, ears and bodies are for the women walking into the clinic”.  NOAF has been and needs to continue to be a loud, visible and effective voice in support of safe, legal and accessible abortion healthcare.

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Sep 24 2019
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Oct 24 2019
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New Orleans Abortion Fund