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Director, Pre-Corps Design

This job is no longer available

Miami, FL, USA

Teach For America - Miami-Dade seeks a talented, driven Director of Corps Member Preparation and Experiences. In this role, you will design and lead development for incoming corps members during the pre-corps experience. Specifically, you will design cohesive experiences for corps members during the summer -- which include but are not limited to Induction, Institute, and Orientation -- that support them in building the initial teaching and leadership knowledge, skills, and mindsets necessary to being a successful first year teacher leader in Miami-Dade. You will work in collaboration with the Program Continuum staff to ensure all corps member development experiences from onboarding into alumni-hood are connected, seamless, and aligned to our regional and organizational brand, vision, goals, and approach. In addition, you will partner with your manager, the Managing Director, Institute and Pre-Corps Development, to develop support structures that support staff, both full and part-time, in effectively executing toward identified pre-corps outcomes. As a result of your work, we will have some of the strongest first-year corps members our region has experienced. Specifically, we will see our corps members achieving meaningful impact with the students and developing as systems change leaders in their first year of teaching.

Areas of Responsibility: 

Program Development and Implementation (40%)

  • Contribute to creating a compelling sub-team charge and goals that align to overall Program Continuum Vision, Regional Goals, and Organizational Point of Views.
  • Design and lead development during the pre-corps experience that contributes to our overall progress toward regional goals --- this includes, but not limited to, developing a scope and sequence and designing sessions (i.e. Corps Member Satisfaction, Leadership Orientation Development, Student Outcomes, etc.)
  • Engage with continuum staff members to ensure we are producing a high-quality and connected development program to corps members from onboarding into alumni-hood.
  • Consistently collect and analyze quantitative and qualitative data and effectively use it to inform short and long term actions and priorities.
  • As necessary, strategically evolve our approach to corps member pre-corps development by identifying challenges and opportunities and providing innovative and workable solutions to effectively address them.

Staff Training and Development (30%)

  • Train and manage the execution of corps member pre-corps development experiences to ensure all full and part-time staff members are successfully implementing a high quality pre-corps program that reaches intended outcomes and goals.
  • Support and develop full and part-time staff to ensure they are able to implement a high-quality pre-corps program.

Regional Leadership (20%)

  • Collaborate with program continuum team members to support the design of continuum experience to ensure excellence and cohesion in programming, including but not limited to coaching cycles, professional development sessions, and all-corps events.
  • Work collaboratively across regional team to partner in pursuit of regional goals and priorities.
  • Seek ways to expand your impact and push our region forward by consistently identifying challenges and opportunities and providing innovative and workable solutions to effectively address them.
  • Operate as a cultural leader by contributing to the cultivation of strong team culture rooted in our core values and reflective of our commitment to diversity, inclusiveness, and equity.
  • Sustain yourself in this work, and model this for the regional team, corps members, and alumni.

Collective Responsibility (10%)

  • Participate in virtual and/or in-person selection for up to three days each selection window (about 6-10 days total through the year depending on need and capacity).
  • Matriculate new corps members during 5 or more confirmation windows throughout the year.
  • Attend and support large-scale regional events throughout the year, which include but are not limited to, three (3) Saturday All-Corps Events, 4-5 evening Networking Events, and Development Donor Events.
  • Attend all staff meetings, retreats, and stepbacks throughout the year.
Educational Background: 
Bachelor's degree
  • At least 2 years working with adults
  • At least 4 years experience as a teacher or teacher educator preferred

Work Demands

  • Ability to work 12-20 weekend days per year
  • Ability to be fully present and completely available from June - September given that the majority of pre-corps development happens during these months
  • Ability to work early morning and evening hours required during June - early September

Skills & Work Approach

  • Ability to make data-driven decisions based on empathy and curiosity about the participant experience. You care deeply about the experience of our participants and are very curious to learn the explanation behind their feelings and thoughts. After painting a picture through their feedback, you take that learning and make informed decisions to improve our CM program and our progress towards outcomes.
  • Ability to design and execute a comprehensive CM experience that communicates our brand and achieves our vision and outcomes. You can clearly articulate and communicate our brand in a way that allows recipients to engage easily and effectively. You can distill complex and distinct ideas and frameworks into easily digestible content for our participants. You do the above all in the name of helping us achieve our ambitious vision and outcomes for students and corps members.
  • Ability to dominate multiple, complex project plans at the same time. You have skill in owning and managing projects at a large scale and can develop a compelling vision, measures of success, and strategy. You are obsessive about impact and your decisions are data-driven and outcomes oriented. You never lose sight of the end game and are relentless about figuring out how to get there.
  • Ability to collaborate with, influence and effectively support others. You enjoy working with others because you believe that the best work is accomplished collaboratively. People like to work with and for you. You are able to clearly articulate measures of success and manage the work of others. Both to those you directly and laterally manage, you are able to translate a bar for excellence and attention to detail.
  • Love to be on the front edge of learning theory, and can implement your learning to evolve our program. You don’t need an invitation to learn; you seek out new knowledge, information and skills independently. And once you learn, you thrive in adapting our program to include best practices while keeping sight of our regional brand and vision.


  • You believe that every child can succeed no matter their circumstance if they have access to an excellent education.
  • You believe that every adult can learn and grow if the right conditions are put in place.
  • You believe TFA must grow a broad and diverse coalition of leaders if we are going to achieve educational equity in Miami-Dade, and, as a result, we must enlist the most promising leaders, develop, and retain them to succeed. You know in order to build a broad and diverse coalition of leaders we must build an inclusive community and use this belief to guide all design of corps member development experiences.

Work Approach

  • You are innovative and strategic. You are someone that is energized by a blank page, and are constantly imagining ways for things to improve. You don’t need an invitation or endless resources to take action and move things forward.
  • You take a community-centered approach to your work. You consult members of the community both inside and outside an organization and use their input to inform your vision and strategy without succumbing to analysis paralysis.

Organization Info

Teach For America

New York, NY, United States
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Areas of Focus: 

Teach For America is the national corps of outstanding recent college graduates, professionals, or graduate students who commit to teach for two years in urban and rural public schools and become lifelong leaders in expanding educational opportunity. Teach For America's mission is to enlist, develop, and mobilize as many as possible of our nation's most promising future leaders to grow and strengthen the movement for educational equity and excellence. In the 2016-2017 school year, 6,900 first- and second-year Teach For America corps members are teaching in 53 regions across the United States. Since 1990, Teach For America corps members have reached more than 10 million students. Teach For America's more than 40,000 alumni are providing critical leadership -- as teachers, school and district leaders; elected officials and policy advisers; and founders and leaders of education and social reform initiatives -- to ensure all children have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

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