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Director of Military Youth Ministry

This job is no longer available

Joint Base San Antonio, Texas

As a Club Beyond Community Director, you are responsible for reaching out to military teens in your assigned location through building relationships, creating inviting events, provide spiritual direction and develop a volunteer team of leaders who have the same vision to reach military teens. You will also learn how to gather a team of adults in the community who want to support you and Club Beyond.

As a non-profit organization, our staff is responsible for raising a portion of their salary. We have been reaching out to military teens since 1980 and have a team of experienced people who train and help our staff tell the story and raise the support they need.

Educational Background: 
Bachelor's Degree (preferred)

• Spiritually Mature
• Competent communicator with youths, parents, and senior military leaders
• Familiar with, or willing to learn about military life
• Committed to a relational ministry approach
• Energetic
• Small event planning skills
• Strong Initiative
• Ready to fundraise for the majority of salary
• Willing to make a three-year commitment to the community
• Able to build adult support teams


• Occasional Travel
• Extensive benefits package available, including vision and dental

Additional Information: 

Job type:
• Full time
• Salary variable- based experience

• Bachelor’s Degree Preferred
• 3 Years of youth ministry experience (volunteer OR paid) required

Job Function: 

Organization Info


Colorado Springs, CO
1001-5000 employees
About Us
Areas of Focus: 

Let every military brat believe.

Celebrate life with military teens, introduce them to the Life Giver, and help t​hem become more like Him.

Strategic Objective:
Healthy subject matter experts providing effective military youth ministry.

Why Work For Us?: 

Military teens move an average of seven times during their school-age years. Imagine having to start over at a new school every other year, all while trying to figure out who you are and where you belong. Along with that, imagine the fear for a deployed parent and the heartache of missing your mom and dad when it’s your birthday, Christmas break, or even high school graduation.

Yet, they are the kids who, because of the challenges they face, have the potential to become our resilient leaders of tomorrow.

Young Life Military-Club Beyond has been ministering to military teens for almost 50 years

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