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Volunteer Supervisor

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Fairfax, VA, USAFairfaxVAUSA

Nonprofit organization working at the request of Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court. Provides direct supervision, guidance, and support to Court Appointed Volunteers assigned by the Executive Director to the Supervisor, ensuring compliance with established regulations and best practices. Assists in the recruiting, screening, and training of volunteers. Initiates required correspondence related to cases, maintains case records and volunteer files, and compiles information to prepare reports as directed by the Executive Director. This job does NOT allow for direct interaction with the youth we serve. The main focus of this position is Volunteer Supervision and Management. Strong writing and editing skills a MUST. People skills a MUST. Communication skills a MUST

Areas of Responsibility: 

Duties & Essential Job Functions

Volunteer Supervision

  • Evaluates cases and assigns volunteers based on interest, time, skills, and experience to ensure the best outcome for the child(ren.)
  • Works with volunteers in developing a case plan and monitors progress on achieving the goals of the plan.
  • Provides supervision and guidance while monitoring volunteers’ performance on issues of confidentiality, policy, boundaries, and relationships with other professionals.
  • Monitors and evaluates each volunteer’s investigative and advocacy work to ensure that each child in the program receives the highest quality services.
  • Reviews and edits court reports to ensure they are in accordance with established guidelines and criteria, and that they are accurate, goal directed, and submitted in a timely manner.
  • Assists volunteers in the interpretation of psychological evaluations based on the Diagnostic and Statistic Manual Mental Disorders (DSM) IV, assessments, IEP’s, Department of Family Service (DFS) Plans, etc. to ensure that appropriate placements, visitations, medications, and services are provided.
  • Accompanies volunteers to court hearings, meetings or visits as needed or, if required, attends in volunteers’ stead and/or makes appropriate arrangements in volunteers’ absence.
  • Reviews issues and progress on cases with each volunteer monthly.
  • Ensures that each volunteer completes the required in-service hours for continuing education.
  • Completes and reviews an annual written performance evaluation with each volunteer.
  • Maintains relationships with all professionals involved in the case to ensure quality of outcomes and a positive reputation in the community.

Recruiting, Training & Outreach

  • Participates in volunteer information sessions, volunteer training, and continuing education programs as directed by the Program Manager.
  • Interviews prospective volunteers and makes recommendations as to candidates’ suitability to serve as a volunteer.
  • Participates in public relations and community education events as directed by the Program Manager.
  • Maintains professional relationships with external service providers to enhance organization perception and visibility.


Data Entry & Record Keeping

  • Maintains records and case files of active cases.
  • Enters case information in CASA MANAGER database and ensures that files are current.
  • Manually files pertinent documents in volunteers’ personnel files.
  • Enters volunteer information including case history, performance evaluations, status updates, changes in personal information, and other relevant information in CASA MANAGER database.
  • Compiles volunteers’ case hours, visits, and contacts, and prepares monthly reports as directed by the Program Manager.
  • Compiles information for other reporting requirements as directed by the Program Manager.



  • Remains current on changes in CASA requirements, child welfare Federal and State laws, and DFS mandates and policies.
  • Engages in on-going education regarding the developmental, emotional, educational and social needs of children, and issues affecting families.
  • Remains knowledgeable of applicable State and County service providers and services.
  • Represents CASA in a professional manner.
  • Encourages excellence throughout the organization.
  • Performs tasks to promote the smooth operation of office activities.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.
Educational Background: 
B.A. or B.S. required; advanced education, experience, and/or training preferred.
Pass all background checks required by the CASA program prior to hiring.
Successful completion of pre-service training curriculum.
  • Experience in professional and/or volunteer staff supervision preferred.
  • Availability to work flexible evening and weekend hours as needed.
  • Ability to establish and maintain a rapport with volunteers to ensure they remain motivated and committed, and to promote retention.
  • Desire and ability to act as dedicated team member.
  • Demonstrated writing excellence and editorial skills.
  • Computer proficiency.





Benefits package includes health insurance, short term disability, retirement plan upon one year of employment, generous leave policy

How to Apply: 

Candidates MUST include a cover letter with salary requirements, as well as a current resume.  Please send cover letter with resume to [email protected]  NO PHONE CALLS, please.  

Writing samples will be requested during the interview process

Organization Info

Fairfax Court Appointed Special Advocates

Fairfax, VA, USA
1-10 employees
About Us

The mission of Fairfax CASA is to advocate for the best interests of each abused and neglected child referred by the Fairfax County Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court through the promotion and support of quality volunteer representation.

We seek to ensure that each child’s needs are identified and addressed with the goal of living in a safe and permanent home. As permitted by our legislative charter, we also provide assistance to youths entering adulthood who have been referred to the CASA program by the Court, up to the age of 21.


Fairfax County's most vulnerable children--those who have been abused  and neglected by their parents and caretakers-- deserve an adult who has only their best interests at heart and makes sure that their voice is heard in the child welfare system. For 30 years, Fairfax CASA has provided highly trained and professionally supervised advocates to over 7,000 of Fairfax's abused children; children who don't deserve what they have experienced before entering a system meant to protect them--a system that is often overwhelmed and sometimes loses focus on the child. Empowered by a court order, the CASA volunteer completes an in-depth investigation of the case to provide the court a clear picture of what is happening in the child's life and what his/her needs are, by submitting reports to the court prior to every hearing and as needed, which include concrete recommendations. CASAs remain committed to the child until case closure (on average 23 months), providing consistent support, compassion, and a voice in not just court but also in the school system and the foster care system. For those youth who remain in foster care until they turn 18, our CASA volunteers remain on their cases and if the child opts to continue to receive services after age 18 (up until 21), the CASA can remain a support during the challenging transition into adulthood.  For many children, their CASA volunteer is the one consistent adult--the promise keeper-- they can count on in a complex, chaotic, and sometimes scary system.

Fairfax CASA achieves all described outcomes through its core program activities, which include continuous recruitment, screening, training, retention, and professional supervision of volunteers to serve as CASA volunteers. Although the organization’s basic services have not changed, the current approach reflects lessons learned through 28 years of operation and innovations sparked by evolving county, state, and national priorities. In order to fully serve the stated needs of the Court, Fairfax CASA engages in a continuous cycle of: (1) expansive volunteer recruitment; (2) comprehensive training of volunteers to develop core competence on a wide range of topics required by National CASA and the state, as well as the County; (3) quality supervision and support by a staff of highly trained professionals to ensure retention of volunteers; and, (4) professional development of staff to ensure the highest quality supervision. 

The Court issues an order for Fairfax CASA to appoint a trained volunteer to serve every abused and neglected child by: (1) conducting an independent investigation of the case; (2) monitoring the case related to compliance with Court-ordered services; (3) submitting a written report directly to the judge for each hearing on the case, which includes recommendations for services and permanency for each child; and, (4) assisting the Guardian ad litem's legal representation of the child in Court.  The judges rely on the CASA volunteer to provide a consistent level of advocacy and support for the child until the child is placed in a safe and permanent home. It is incumbent upon Fairfax CASA to ensure that only the most qualified citizens become volunteers and that a professional staff train and supervise them in accordance with the highest standards. 



Awards & Accolades: 
Catalogue for Philanthropy featured charity--2007/2008, 2011/2012 and 2015/2016
Volunteer Fairfax Volunteer Program of the Year
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