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Teacher Resident (Elementary & Secondary)

This job is no longer available

Chattanooga, TN, USA

We seek to attract and train diverse, talented, equity-minded aspiring teachers to work in schools in historically underrepresented communities in Chattanooga. We will prepare you to be effective from day one through a year-long, real-world experience in the classroom and cultivate you as a different kind of teacher.

We are currently recruiting individuals who desire to become teachers in the following areas:

  • 6-12 Mathematics
  • 6-8 Mathematics
  • 6-12 Science (Chemistry, Biology)
  • 6-8 Science
  • 6-12 English (Language Arts)
  • 6-12 History*
  • K-6 Elementary Grades

What is a Teacher Residency?

Teacher residencies are the most comprehensive model of teacher preparation in the nation. Residencies play an important role in supporting district human capital strategies by creating a pathway that responds directly to the hiring needs of school districts. In addition, residencies are actively developing highly effective new teachers that are capable of impacting student achievement from the moment they enter the classroom as a teacher of record. Residencies blend a rigorous full-year classroom apprentice-ship for pre-service teachers with a carefully aligned sequence of academic coursework, through an institution of higher education (IHE). Teacher residents experience extensive opportunities to learn how to teach by working alongside a mentor teacher. Coursework is tailored to district context, with residents learning the district's core instructional initiatives and curriculum during the training year.

Educational Background: 
Bachelor's Degree


  • Possess a deep abiding passion for seeing children of color in Hamilton County Schools thrive
  • Has implemented self-study around issues of race, identity, social justice, and equity
  • Is comfortable with discomfort and ambiguity
  • Bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited university by June 2020
  • A NON EDUCATION DEGREE, (A minor in Education is fine!)
  • Must be a US citizen or permanent resident
  • Have a cumulative 2.75 GPA from your undergraduate degree (3.0 Preferred)
  • Must be prepared to make FOUR YEAR commitment as a full-time teacher for Hamilton County’s highest-need schools after the residency year
  • Content Knowledge requirement depending on the license; please consult for more details


  • Competitive Living Stipend during the residency year
  • AmeriCorps membership
  • Health insurance coverage during the residency year (no additional cost)


  • 14-month graduate degree program (Masters of Arts in Teaching) from Lee University specifically designed for teacher residents who will be teaching in Hamilton County’s high need schools. 
  • A yearlong embedded clinical apprenticeship with a highly effective mentor teacher.
  • A community of Project Inspire residents and graduates, who are committed to educational equity in Chattanooga
  • 4 years of graduate support and networking after the initial program
How to Apply: 

Send an inquiry email to our Talent Management Specialist Castwell Fider, [email protected]

Then go to to start your application!

Additional Information: 

Company Description:

Project Inspire is a teacher residency operating through a partnership of Hamilton County Schools, Lee University, The Public Education Foundation of Chattanooga, and The National Center for Teacher Residency, and AmeriCorps. 

We see a day where all kids have great teachers.

Organization Info

Project Inspire Teacher Residency

Chattanooga, TN, USA
Annual Budget : 
1-10 employees
About Us

Project Inspire's mission is to attract aspiring teachers in areas of highest need, to prepare them to be effective on day 1 through a year-long, real-world experience in the classroom, and to cultivate them as life-long learners and agents of change in their schools and communities.

Why Work For Us?: 

We believe the best way to communicate why work for us is to share our core values/core belief and strategic goals. 

Core Values/Core Beliefs

  • We value the rigors, joy, and fulfillment of lifelong learning.
  • We value an equitable learning environment where all students, especially kids of color, are known, cared for, and can enjoy the thrill of discovery.
  • We value collaboration as a catalyst for improvement in the teaching profession and beyond.
  • We value relationships with youth, families, and communities as foundational to teaching and learning.
  • We value diversity as an asset for schools and communities.
  • We value perseverance in the face of challenging circumstances.

Strategic Goals

  • Attract diverse talent into the teaching profession.
  • Prepare residents to be ready from day one.
  • Cultivate residents, CIs, and graduates as a different kind of teacher.
  • Tell the story of our program and teacher residency.
  • Improve the way we do our work in teacher preparation.

If these statements of belief and strategy resonate with you apply to work with our small team to impact to lives of students and teachers of color in Hamilton County Schools! 

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