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Senior Inclusionary Marketing Manager

This job is no longer available

IMPACCT Brooklyn is currently experiencing growth in its affordable housing lottery and marketing program. We are interested in expanding our capacity to facilitate rental lease and mortgage loan readiness to individuals applying for affordable housing, rental and/or homeownership, of units in central Brooklyn.  We are looking for a Senior Inclusionary Marketing Manager to join our team.  This position will work closely with staff from City housing agencies to advance efforts to provide affordable housing to eligible households, and will work regularly with housing applicants and tenants, private housing developers and managers, housing case workers, housing advocates, and community partners.  IMPACCT Brooklyn, through its Inclusionary Marketing Services Department, also works closely with NYC Housing Preservation Department’s Office of Development and Inclusionary Housing Program, which plays a key role in the implementation of the Mayor’s Housing New York 2.0 plan to provide low-income units as a percentage of the total units in new development projects. 

Areas of Responsibility: 

Primary responsibilities include but are not limited to the following:

  • Assist Director in managing the day-to-day operations of the department, which includes supervision of staff, volunteers and off-site events; and developing and implementing procedures and processes to enable the achievement of inclusionary marketing program goals;
  • Responsible for maintaining his/her own portfolio of housing applicant files to facilitate applicant lease readiness for available affordable rental units and planning for initial occupancy of new affordable units including approval of form leases, applicable fees, tenant screening and selection criteria;
  • Manage and ensure consistency and timeliness of housing applicant eligibility reviews and income verification, application package submissions for review and approval by the Director and housing agencies;
  • Cultivate and maintain relationships with local residents, property managers, private developers, City agencies, housing and service providers; to provide income-eligible households access to affordable homes.
  • Ensure regular communication and coordination with applicants, private developers, property managers and consultants; providing timely reporting on applicant and project status;
  • Conduct and schedule interviews of housing applicants;
  • Monitor housing applicant and resident experiences; solicit, compile and assess participant feedback to improve programs and services;
  • Compile, maintain and analyze program log books and other data to assess outcomes relative to program goals, both electronically and hard copies;
  • Maintain and regularly update applicant, client and vendor files;
  • Assist with other City housing programs and special housing projects as needed;
  • Prepare and maintain written correspondence, documents, reports and files for assigned projects in a clear, organized manner;
  • Ensure compliance with and in accordance with HPD’s inclusionary housing policies and procedures
  • Input updates into electronic databases in a timely and accurate manner;
  • Perform other duties as required.

Additional Qualifications

  • Creative problem-solving, analytical and organizational skills, with close attention to detail
  • Knowledge and/or practical experience in City, State and Federal regulations and policies related to affordable housing programs; City and Federal housing regulations and legislation that may bear on housing policy and program initiatives;
  • Experience with community-based planning and neighborhood development
  • Excellent judgment and decision-making skills
  • The desire to work in a fast-paced, deadline-driven environment and juggle multiple tasks concurrently
  • Willingness to learn on the job, exhibit a high degree of initiative in managing multiple priorities simultaneously in a detail-oriented work environment




  • Solid working knowledge of affordable housing programs, income and eligilbity review, application management and working with housing applicants and tenants;
  • Demonstrated ability to manage multiple responsibilities, tasks, and diverse stakeholders to help negotiate solutions to complex problems involving parties that may have different interests and goals;
  • Highly organized and attention to detail in a fast-paced office environment; strong organizational and time management skills;
  • Strong computer skills including demonstrated facility with Microsoft Office software (Outlook, Word, Excel) and familiarity with or ability to learn rental housing management software
  • Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent experience, a minimum of 3 years, of progressively responsible experience in affordable housing or assisted housing management; with a minimum of 2 years’ experience managing employees. 
  • Strong analytical and research skills to evaluate program analysis and planning, relay complex program information and requirements to staff, colleagues, applicants, property managers, developers and community partners;
  • Demonstrated ability and willingness to learn, lead and motivate others to excel;
  • Excellent judgment, and excellent organizational, written and oral communication, and public speaking skills;
  • Excellent customer service and community engagement skills to positively relate to staff and the general public;
  • Language proficiency, knowledge of diverse communities and neighborhoods in Central Brooklyn, a plus.

Commensurate with experience; Health, Dental and other fringe benefits

Additional Information: 

IMPACCT Brooklyn and its affiliates are Equal Opportunity Employers

IMPACCT Brooklyn is leader in community-based development work for 55+ years. As a comprehensive community development corporation, in addition to housing development, IMPACCT Brooklyn provides economic mobility programs and services in support of residents and small businesses including: community organizing, homeowner counseling & foreclosure prevention, financial capacity building and merchant services.

Organization Info

Pratt Area Community Council dba IMPACCT Brooklyn

Brooklyn, NY
Annual Budget : 
About Us

Our Mission
1. To preserve and develop safe and affordable housing, a basic human right.

2. To support vibrant local commerce through which small businesses serve the needs of community residents.

3. To sustain and develop an economic, racial, and cultural diversity to enrich the lives of all.

4. To promote knowledge, initiative, and concerted action to advance individual and common interests.

5. To foster an ethic that all members of the community bear personal responsibility to contribute to the greater good.



Help Residents & Stabilizing Neighborhoods

IMPACCT Brooklyn plays a critical role in neighborhood stability in the face of rising home prices. Through our financial counseling and support services, we help residents stay in their homes and the communities they grew up in.


Making a Meaningful Difference in People’s Lives

IMPACCT Brooklyn provides workshops and coaching to help more Brooklyn residents understand and take ownership of their finances so they can make better financial choices, and build and maintain the communities they live in.


Creating Affordable Housing Options

IMPACCT Brooklyn takes every opportunity to renovate, develop, and market livable homes for working class families. With gentrification sweeping through Brooklyn, our efforts are more important than ever as rising housing costs force residents out of their homes.


Organizing and Empowering Citizens

When tenants face housing issues, we help to educate and empower them so they can hold landlords accountable. Over the decades, we have brought thousands of people together to improve their homes and their communities.


Building a Business Base

We believe that small businesses are the lifeblood of communities, especially when run by residents of the neighborhood who cater to local needs and keep money in the community. We provide comprehensive services to help those business owners get started and thrive.


Giving People a Home and a Hand Up

Because living below the poverty line impacts every aspect of a person’s life, IMPACCT Brooklyn provides social services along with housing for formerly homeless people, giving them the break they need to regroup and get back on track with their lives.


Making Buildings Safer

Lead poisoning is a real danger to many lower-income families living in older buildings. IMPACCT Brooklyn is proactive in remedying lead exposure through lead testing, training for maintenance personnel, and financial incentives for landlords.


Promoting Affordable Housing

As experienced marketing agents for affordable housing, we help developers market their affordable housing units and streamline the process by connecting them with qualified candidates.

Why Work For Us?: 

Work You Can Believe In

At IMPACCT Brooklyn, our staff is more like family. We pay attention to your individual needs at home and at work. We want to see our staff succeed and grow as professionals. We will help you build your skills, whether you come to us as a handyman or as a social work professional.

Our services are broad, from social work to economic development, from home services to tenant organizing. It’s a diverse, vital group of people preserving the fabric and cohesiveness of Brooklyn. If you believe that this is important, join us and become part of our community.

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Oct 23 2019
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Nov 23 2019
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Pratt Area Community Council dba IMPACCT Brooklyn