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Operations Manager

This job is no longer available

Brooklyn, NY, USA

We are seeking a full-time Operations Manager to play a central role in driving nXu to operational excellence.  The Operations Manager will provide ongoing operational management and support of our educator training and curriculum implementation model named Purpose Opportunity Program (POP), direct student & educator live programming, and our organizational capacity building and systems development.  The ideal teammate will have a passion for designing and improving systems to support behind-the-scenes program operations geared towards fostering student and educator learning; a keen interest in autonomously solving operational puzzles with creative and inclusive solutions; and a desire to explore and identify new ways for nXu to more equitably and smoothly fulfill our mission. 


This is a fast-paced and virtual role.  This person will report to Cat Lum, nXu’s Director of Programs and will work closely with Yutaka Tamura, Executive Director of nXu, and Jabali Sawicki, Compass Director at nXu.  

Areas of Responsibility: 

Key elements of this critical role include strategic operations systems creation and improvement, ongoing management of all POP and Direct Programming operations, and Salesforce expertise.  A high level overview of responsibilities includes:

  • Direct Programming Operations & Logistics:  Support youth, educator, and professional programming to ensure a smooth and effective experience for participants. 

    • Manage enrollment and application systems, survey responses, and internal programming materials using various programs and applications including Google Workspace,, Eventbrite, Typeform, Mailchimp, DocuSign, and Flipgrid;

    • Manage operations for sessions (breakout groups, participant management) using Zoom and Nearpod;

    • Solve any logistical problems during the sessions, ensuring participants’ needs are met and are  promptly and effectively addressed;

    • Develop, support, and maintain a cohesive, inclusive culture throughout all programming to ensure that all participants are welcomed and consistently supported throughout their programming experience, including all interactions before programming begins, throughout actual programming, and during follow-up; and

    • Oversee ongoing systems refinement and management of program operations set-up and follow-up, including program communication, rosters, surveys and program materials.

  • Operations Management of Purpose Opportunity Program:  Support nXu team members and POP partners with program logistics and operations to ensure accurate record keeping and effective ongoing communication. 

    • Manage educator & student surveys, including communications, data collection, data housing, and overseeing data analysis;

    • Serve as the 2022-23 school year POP Airtable administrator, including building structures and maintaining existing structures;

    • Serve as the 2022-23 school year POP Google site and Google group administrator; and

    • Provide support & guidance with structure for ongoing support of POP educators. 

  • Salesforce Administration:  Serve as the lead for implementation and management of nXu’s Salesforce platform.

    • Support with managing completion of Salesforce implementation; and

    • Manage ongoing Salesforce administration including building new objects, as needed; tracking and granting access and security; building reports, as needed; tracking overall operational health of the platform; and liaising with Salesforce support, as needed.

  • Additional Support:  

  • Support operational functioning of our financial systems, as needed (e.g. invoices, check requests, etc.); and

  • Support the nXu team in additional areas of the program operations process, as needed.


The right candidate for this position must possess the following skills, traits, and experiences: 

  • A belief in nXu’s mission and a passion for helping young people and professionals explore, articulate and pursue their purpose in life;

  • Strong interpersonal and verbal communication skills, with the ability to connect with young people who identify as people of color;

  • Experience using Google Workspace programs including, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides; 

  • Experience managing Zoom operations (breakout rooms, meeting registrations, etc.) for groups of 50 people or more;

  • Experience using Airtable as a data tracking and management tool; 

  • Experience using Salesforce as a CRM (preferred experience being the administrator)

  • Experience using various online platforms and applications, including Nearpod, Docusign,, Eventbrite, Typeform, Flipgride and Mailchimp; 

  • Experience coordinating events (virtual and/or in person);

  • Self-directed and comfortable working with a remote team, often independently;

  • A strong attention to detail;

  • The ability to manage multiple priorities at one time;

  • The willingness to share feedback and reflections with peers and nXu leadership directly and in a way that can support shared resolution;

  • The ability to receive and implement feedback and coaching; 

  • Comfort in working with a remote team, often independently;

  • At least 2-5 years of work experience, preferably in operations; and 

  • Current authorization to work in the United States secured by the first day of employment.

How to Apply: 

Interested applicants should apply at the website below.



Organization Info

nXu Education

New York, NY
About Us
Areas of Focus: 

nXu is a non-profit organization whose mission is to catalyze and equip youth and adults to explore, articulate, and pursue their purpose.

  • Our Methodology: We have developed a research & evidence-based, 4-phase, purpose development methodology called “The Compass” that serves as our learning standards.  
  • Our Products & Services: We offer a training program as well as our purpose development curriculum to schools, and we also directly implement programming with students both in school and out of school. 
  • Our Target: Through our products and services, we have served high school students from over 50 district, charter, and private schools across the country.  We are seeking to partner with additional schools and organizations that are interested in fostering a sense of purpose among their students.
Why Work For Us?: 

A sense of purpose acts as an inner compass that—when combined with skills training and community support—allows young people to live in alignment with their highest potential.  Thus, we have developed a research & evidence-based purpose development methodology and curriculum that we have implemented in-school and out-of-school with high school students in Chicago, Newark, New York, San Antonio and Seattle.  Through this direct programming, we have cultivated a deep understanding of the implementation needs of our purpose development program.  Leveraging these insights, we are establishing a teacher training program and school-based curriculum that will allow a growing number of high schools to cultivate a sense of purpose in the lives of their students.  


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