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nXu/Stepmojo Part-Time Virtual Social-Emotional Learning Teacher (Daily Commitment)

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Brooklyn, NY, USA


nXu (short for nexus) is a non-profit initiative that provides research-based, transformative, purpose-driven learning experiences for youth and adults through a school-based curriculum, educator training and development, and direct student programming.  Through our model, we cultivate spaces to elevate joy and center our collective stories.  We dig deep to explore the unique set of joys, strengths, and values that intersect to drive each of us in a meaningful direction.  In doing so, we learn to see our identities as powerful and essential for charting fulfilling future pathways.


Stepmojo supports students to take steps to increase their mojo (special talents). Our goal is to provide students everywhere with more equitable access to exceptional content and teachers–giving them more urgency to pursue personal interests, further academic goals, and explore potential college and career paths.  We help schools connect their students to amazing online learning opportunities from our carefully chosen and vetted course partners.  



nXu and Stepmojo are partnering together to provide purpose development programming to high school youth nationwide.  Using Stepmojo’s platform, nXu’s Virtual Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) Teachers (“Facilitators”) will be responsible for deploying our curriculum with one to two cohorts of students per term (i.e. 1 to 2 class periods per day, 4-5 days a week for an entire semester). This equates to roughly 5 hours of direct virtual instructional time a week along with grading and administrative work analogous to any traditional online teaching role.  Ideal teammates will have a passion for working with BIPOC students and historically marginalized youth, a commitment to inspiring and igniting passion in students, and a strong belief that through purpose and SEL-skill development, students will gain greater clarity on their life’s purpose and their future personal and professional pathways. 

These are fast-paced, part-time, and virtual roles. Our Virtual Teachers will also work closely with various nXu team members including Yutaka Tamura, Executive Director of nXu, as well as an individual at Stepmojo who will oversee monthly professional development sessions for these individuals in addition to on-site operational support. 


In collaboration with Stepmojo, nXu Facilitators will be responsible for teaching a course entitled “Exploring Your Purpose & Career.” The course description reads: 

How do you use your unique strengths, interests, values and motivations to choose a fulfilling career? In this course, you will investigate and explore your sense of purpose: deepening your understanding of who you are as an individual, what strengths you bring to your communities, and what motivates you to engage in the world.  Your understanding of your purpose will then inform your journey to explore different career fields.  You will expand your perspective on potential career options, gain skills to engage and grow your connections, build a professional portfolio to reflect your skills and experiences, and chart a purpose-driven path for your future. 

This is a semester-long course, taught daily to high school students, grades 9-12.  The course is delivered virtually via Zoom, and all curriculum is housed on the Canvas platform.  Facilitators will be responsible for teaching the course over one semester.

Areas of Responsibility: 


  • Program Leadership and Facilitation: Lead and facilitate nXu’s “Explore Your Purpose & Career” course with high school students via the Stepmojo partnership to ensure that the programmatic implementation aligns with the organizational mission and vision.  Drive student learning and mastery of each practice and implement the centrally developed nXu program and curriculum. Ensure high quality experiences for all students  

  • Culture Development: Cultivate and create a safe and exciting atmosphere for students to be curious and vulnerable during nXu programming.

  • Participant Management: Ensure that all students are fully engaged throughout the semester-long course.  Support students and their efforts as they navigate the class, including but not limited to daily lesson prep (using nXu’s pre-written curriculum), grading, managing student communication, and reviewing and assessing student data and outcomes. 

  • Program Representation: Serve as a positive representative of nXu and Stepmojo within the broader educational community.  Participate in an initial onboarding session with the nXu team, in addition to ongoing coaching and support (~1 hour/week) with nXu as well as monthly professional development sessions offered by Stepmojo. 

  • Other Duties: Perform other related duties as required and assigned.



The ideal candidate for this position must possess the following skills, traits, and experiences: 

  • Exceptional facilitation, interpersonal, and communication skills; 

  • The ability to exhibit high energy and to motivate and inspire youth;

  • Belief in nXu’s mission and a passion for helping young people explore, articulate and pursue their purpose in life;

  • The ability to create an inclusive and equitable program culture for all students;

  • The ability to receive and implement feedback and coaching; 

  • Comfort in working with a remote team, often independently; and 

  • Current authorization to work in the United States secured by the first day of employment.

Ideally, the right candidate for this position would also possess the following skills, traits, and experiences: 

  • Experience working with and guiding a diverse array of youth;

  • Entrepreneurial spirit and an ability to take ensure a meaningful experience for all students; 

  • Experience working with Canvas is preferred, but not required; 

  • Two+ years of teaching experience, preferably at the high school level;

  • Effective virtual facilitation via Zoom, which includes:

    • High energy;

    • Effective use of frequent and numerous engagement strategies;

    • Rapid instructional decision-making;

    • Effective use of multiple community & culture-building strategies; and

    • Ability to maximize engagement and participation of ~25 students.

How to Apply: 


Interested applicants should apply at the website below.

Organization Info

nXu Education

New York, NY
About Us
Areas of Focus: 

nXu is a non-profit organization whose mission is to catalyze and equip youth and adults to explore, articulate, and pursue their purpose.

  • Our Methodology: We have developed a research & evidence-based, 4-phase, purpose development methodology called “The Compass” that serves as our learning standards.  
  • Our Products & Services: We offer a training program as well as our purpose development curriculum to schools, and we also directly implement programming with students both in school and out of school. 
  • Our Target: Through our products and services, we have served high school students from over 50 district, charter, and private schools across the country.  We are seeking to partner with additional schools and organizations that are interested in fostering a sense of purpose among their students.
Why Work For Us?: 

A sense of purpose acts as an inner compass that—when combined with skills training and community support—allows young people to live in alignment with their highest potential.  Thus, we have developed a research & evidence-based purpose development methodology and curriculum that we have implemented in-school and out-of-school with high school students in Chicago, Newark, New York, San Antonio and Seattle.  Through this direct programming, we have cultivated a deep understanding of the implementation needs of our purpose development program.  Leveraging these insights, we are establishing a teacher training program and school-based curriculum that will allow a growing number of high schools to cultivate a sense of purpose in the lives of their students.  


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