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Why a Mobile-Friendly Careers Page Is Essential

Many of today's job seekers spend time searching for jobs on their mobile phones. If your organization is using an older legacy system to promote jobs and collect resumes, you may be missing out on some great candidates.

Long page load times, slow application uploads, and clunky mobile interfaces are common issues that can frustrate the candidates you are trying to attract - particularly those who are younger and more tech-savvy. A mobile-friendly platform that loads in under 1.5 seconds on a phone is vital to making a good first impression.

We’ve seen too many great organizations trying to get by on sub-par technology. If that's the case at your organization, consider using to post your jobs and receive applications. Our site is mobile-friendly, loads quickly, and makes it easy for candidates to apply for a job in just a few clicks from a phone.

Customizable 'Careers' Pages strives to provide an optimal user experience for job seekers. We encourage organizations to create a free, mobile-friendly profile for their organization with a large cover photo, mission statement, appealing images, videos and social media links to captivate candidates who resonate with the organization's values and focus.

Desktop View

Mobile View

Unique URL

Interlinking with your organization's website is easy. We provide a unique URL to link to from your website ( Any active job listings posted via will stream automatically to your profile. If you don't have any active job listings at the moment, visitors will see a friendly note that there are no current job openings.

Because you only pay when you post a job, there are no ongoing costs for your Careers page. The job listing is indexed for Google Jobs and found by job seekers visiting and those searching Google. Our goal is to provide a platform that is both easy to use and sustainable.

Applicant Management System

We've also made it easy for candidates to apply for jobs in just a few clicks. If you use to collect job applications, you can choose to get email notifications as applications come in, or log into your dashboard to sort your applicants and send messages to finalists.

A log of your email communications with candidates is available in your dashboard at any time - again free of charge - so you can easily return to those conversations months or years later.

Want to use National Nonprofits for listings but need to send candidates to another system to apply? We've built that option in as well. The only drawbacks are that candidates won't be able to use our two-click application process, and you'll forego a log of applicants and communications within your National Nonprofits dashboard that could smooth the hiring process.

Try It Out

Want to give it a try and set up your Careers page? Post your first job, and as part of the process you'll set up your organization's profile page. This Careers page will then be available at no cost for as long as you'd like, and you can simply copy the URL of the page and link directly to it from your website.

Going forward you'll only pay when you need to post a new job. We look forward to your feedback and best wishes on your next hire!

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