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Open Supply Hub

New York, NY, USA
1-10 employees
Populations Served: 
All Populations
Low Income
Women and Girls
About Us

The Open Apparel Registry exists to improve human rights and environmental conditions in and around factories and facilities by opening up supply chain data as a free, public good. When everyone working in global supply chains enjoys equal access to quality, open-licensed data, it leads to more sustainable and equitable outcomes for the most vulnerable communities affected by the apparel sector.

Why Work For Us?: 

Brought to you by the team behind the Open Apparel Registry (OAR), Open Supply Hub (OS Hub) will make global supply chain data accessible to all. Launching in late 2022, it will be an accessible, collaborative, supply chain mapping platform, used and populated by stakeholders across sectors and supply chains. It will provide:

  • Reliable data: all data contributed to the platform is cleaned and deduplicated by a matching algorithm, and then assigned an industry-standard ID.

  • One common registry: cross-sector supply chain data is collected in a single place, accessible to all.

  • Global collaboration: the user-generated dataset gives visibility into which organizations are connected to which facilities, accelerating collaboration.