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Clarke Schools for Hearing and Speech

Northampton, MA, USA
51-200 employees
Populations Served: 
Children and Youth
About Us

At Clarke we teach children who are deaf or hard of hearing to listen and talk. 
Children served by Clarke use advanced technologies, including cochlear implants and hearing aids, to maximize their access to sound. We work with children and their families from infancy through their teen years. Our teachers of the deaf, audiologists and speech-language pathologists have the background, training and experience to prepare children academically and socially for a world of limitless possibilities.

Clarke children listen and learn in the classroom, run and laugh with their friends on the playground, and have lives filled with music, sports, family and community. Many children who come to Clarke are ready to attend their neighborhood schools by preschool and kindergarten.

In addition to our work with children, we serve families and adults through a wide range of programs and services. With our extensive staff of experts, physical locations along the Eastern Seaboard and a robust teleservices program delivering services remotely, we strive to reach people with hearing loss at all stages of life.

  • Birth to Age Three Program
  • tVISIT Program (teleservices)
  • Preschool / Early Childhood Program
  • Preschool / Early Elementary Program
  • Inclusion Preschool Program
  • K-8 Program
  • Mainstream Services
  • Summer Services
  • Clarke Buddies
  • Master of Arts in Deaf Education
  • Audiology Services
  • Auditory, Speech and Language Services
  • Clarke Hearing Center
  • Support Groups
  • Trainings & Workshops
Why Work For Us?: 

Clarke offers Listening and Spoken Language (LSL) programs and services, which means that we teach children who are deaf or hard of hearing to listen and speak. While Clarke does not teach sign language, we support the informed decisions made by families, as well as multilingual home environments.

Children served by Clarke use cochlear implants and hearing aids to access sound, and our specially trained teachers, audiologists and speech-language pathologists help them develop listening, literacy and spoken language skills to maximize their learning. Our goal is to prepare children to succeed in mainstream classrooms alongside their peers with typical hearing.

There are different schools of thought about educating children who are deaf or hard of hearing. At Clarke, we recognize that there is no single approach that is right for every child. We provide parents with the tools they need to understand their child’s hearing loss, make informed choices about educational options and find the path that is right for their family.