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Director of Educational Programming (POP)

New York, NY, USA
Consultant / Contract / Freelance

Position: Director of Educational Programming (POP)
Location: Virtual (100% remote)
Type: Part-Time Consultant 


The Short Version: At nXu, we believe that it's not enough to teach kids academic skills; We owe it to them to help them identify and pursue their purpose in the world. We work with K-12 educators to support their work in developing their students' sense of purpose. We also work directly with high school and college students to articulate their purpose and map the path they will take to live their lives with purpose.

The Long Version: nXu is a national non-profit organization whose mission is to catalyze and equip youth and adults to explore, articulate, and pursue their purpose by developing social and emotional learning skills. Overseen by nationally recognized educators including the co-founders of Transcend Education, we have developed a research & evidence-based purpose development methodology, curriculum, and program model that can be deployed in-person, online, and on a blended basis. We offer a training program as well as a purpose development curriculum to schools, and we also directly implement programming both online and in person with students both in school and out of school.



We’re looking for a Part-Time Director of Educational Programming (POP) to holistically manage our recently launched “Purpose Opportunity Program” (POP), which integrates nXu’s individual programmatic offerings into a comprehensive purpose development implementation model that is structured around a virtual, cohort-based experience. POP supports high school & middle school educators to deeply implement nXu’s purpose and social-emotional learning (SEL) development curriculum while also fostering equity and inclusion with their students. The Director of Educational Programming (POP) will also facilitate opportunities for POP participants to build a supportive and affirming community of educators from across the country.  

The Director of Educational Programming (POP) will have the opportunity to train, support, empower, and coach educators nationwide with the implementation of the POP curriculum, ensuring that educators feel optimally positioned to implement our curriculum with their students in a manner that generates positive purpose development.  Over time, opportunities may arise to contribute to the design and management of other nXu programmatic offerings beyond the Purpose Opportunity Program.  The ideal person for this role will possess robust experience with instructional best practices, development & delivery of professional development, teacher coaching, community-building, and curriculum implementation. The right individual will have experience supporting a diverse group of educators working in a range of educational settings. 

The direct point of contact for the Director of Educational Programming (POP) is Yutaka Tamura, Executive Director of nXu. This individual will also work closely with Jabali Sawicki, Compass Director at nXu.  

Areas of Responsibility: 
  • Program Leadership and Coaching: This individual will be directly responsible for helping educators to effectively implement nXu’s POP curriculum in schools with students. Key areas of responsibility include:
    • Developing and delivering professional development sessions for cohorts of educators around topics such as curriculum implementation, curriculum sequencing, curriculum modifications, and more;
    • Providing individualized support to educators working with diverse populations of students in a range of academic settings; and
    • Ensuring a high quality experience for all educators in the implementation and delivery of nXu’s Purpose Opportunity Program.
  • Culture Development: Cultivate and create a supportive and intellectually curious     atmosphere in which educators feel meaningfully supported in their delivery of nXu’s curriculum. 
  • Program Representation: Serve as a positive representative of nXu within the broader educational community, at virtual conferences, with partner organizations, and more.
  • Other Duties: Perform other related duties as required and assigned.

The right candidate for this position must possess the following skills, traits, and experiences: 

  • At least five years of instructional experience, ideally managing teachers and/or a program or initiative; 
  • Experience working with a diverse population of students across various grade levels, especially BIPOC students and students from low-income backgrounds;
  • Exceptional coaching, interpersonal, and communication skills; 
  • Experience with effective virtual facilitation, which includes:
    • High energy
    • Effective use of frequent and numerous engagement strategies
    • Rapid instructional and coaching decision-making
    • Effective use of multiple community & culture-building strategies
    • Ability to maximize engagement and participation of 25+ educators and professionals;
    • The ability to motivate and inspire educators and professionals, particularly around topics of purpose and SEL development; 
  • Belief in nXu’s mission and a passion for helping young people and professionals explore, articulate and pursue their purpose in life;
  • The ability to create an inclusive and equitable program culture for all nXu constituents; 
  • The ability to receive and implement feedback and coaching; 
  • Comfort in working with a remote team, often independently; and 
  • Current authorization to work in the United States secured by the first day of employment.
How to Apply: 

Interested applicants should apply at the website below.


Organization Info

nXu Education

New York, NY
About Us
Areas of Focus: 

nXu is a non-profit organization whose mission is to catalyze and equip youth and adults to explore, articulate, and pursue their purpose.

  • Our Methodology: We have developed a research & evidence-based, 4-phase, purpose development methodology called “The Compass” that serves as our learning standards.  
  • Our Products & Services: We offer a training program as well as our purpose development curriculum to schools, and we also directly implement programming with students both in school and out of school. 
  • Our Target: Through our products and services, we have served high school students from over 50 district, charter, and private schools across the country.  We are seeking to partner with additional schools and organizations that are interested in fostering a sense of purpose among their students.
Why Work For Us?: 

A sense of purpose acts as an inner compass that—when combined with skills training and community support—allows young people to live in alignment with their highest potential.  Thus, we have developed a research & evidence-based purpose development methodology and curriculum that we have implemented in-school and out-of-school with high school students in Chicago, Newark, New York, San Antonio and Seattle.  Through this direct programming, we have cultivated a deep understanding of the implementation needs of our purpose development program.  Leveraging these insights, we are establishing a teacher training program and school-based curriculum that will allow a growing number of high schools to cultivate a sense of purpose in the lives of their students.  


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Apr 11 2022
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May 10 2022
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nXu Education