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Birmingham, Alabama, USA

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Position name Title IX Investigator II (T65278)


The Title IX Office and the Division of Student Affairs offer an opportunity for a skilled and knowledgeable professional to join our team. The successful candidate will work in close collaboration with and under the supervision of the Title IX Coordinator while conducting and managing investigations of complaints of sexual misconduct which includes gender-based assault, harassment, exploitation, dating and domestic violence, stalking, as well as discrimination based on sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and related retaliation. The Lead Title IX Investigator will coordinate interim measures with the Title IX Program Specialist to ensure a fair, timely and well-documented investigative process. Lead Title IX Investigator will be responsible for maintaining accurate and thorough records; assisting with the development and dissemination of educational materials and conducting outreach and training. The Lead Title IX Investigator will also provide support for the Title IX Office in identifying, understanding, and integrating new guidance, law and best practices in the complaint resolution process.


Areas of Responsibility: 



1. Provides policy and program support; conducts investigations involving students, faculty, staff, affiliates, and non-affiliates.  


2. Develops an investigative plan for complaints in accordance with University policy and recognized standards in the employment and compliance arena.  


3. Conducts and manages prompt, impartial and thorough investigations in accordance with University policy. Gathers evidence, compiles documentation, and prepares reports related to investigations. 


4. Writes expert analytical fact-finding reports that demonstrate sound, balanced reasoning; clear articulation of facts and supporting evidence; and knowledge of applicable polices, rules, laws, and procedures. Maintains accurate records for each complaint resolution. 


5. Manages initial and on-going communication and official notices to parties involved in complaint resolution process as well as campus administrators involved in the process. Prepares weekly and monthly progress reports of active cases.  


6. Provides conflict resolution services including conflict coaching, mediation/conferencing facilitation, and problem solving as assigned. 


7. Prepares and coordinates communication with any involved parties for a formal hearing and provides support for formal hearings, where appropriate.  Conducts research on policy/procedure issues and legal developments related to Title IX, gender equity in athletics, sexual violence and sexual harassment.


8. Facilitates prevention and response training programs to individuals, faculty, staff, students, and the community. Supports compliance audits and maintains accurate statistical data for monthly multi-level reports. 


9. Assists in the launch of surveys, implementation and annual reviews of bystander training, in-person and online training.  Develop and distribute educational materials, including brochures, posters, and web-based materials. 


10. Advocate for improvements in the investigatory process; collaborate and engage in discussions to improve office procedures/efficiency.


11. Perform other duties as assigned.


Educational Background: 
Master's degree in Higher Education Administration
Counseling Education
Employment Law
or a related field

Preferred experience :


- Demonstrate knowledge of civil rights laws and investigations, in particular Title IX, Title VII, Clery Act, and Violence Against Women Act, strongly preferred  


- Demonstrate understanding of the dynamics sexual assault, domestic violence, and stalking 


- Experience working in an educational setting, especially higher education institutions 


- Title IX-related training or certification through a nationally recognized institutions 


- Experience facilitating training for large and small groups, including student populations  


- Prior experience working for a large university, in particular those that have Division I athletics, are research institutions, or who are in an urban setting.  


- Demonstrate experience working with individuals experiencing crisis.  


- Knowledge of Federal regulations in higher education, including but not limited to Title IX, VAWA, Clery Act.


 - Familiar with case management system.



Annual Salary:  $57,969.60  -  $65,000.00

How to Apply: 

Please apply online at

Position name Title IX Investigator II (T65278)


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Post Date: 
Dec 4 2019
Active Until: 
Jan 4 2020
Hiring Organization: 
The University Of Alabama At Birmingham