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Advocacy Officer

Washington, DC

How to Apply

To apply, please submit a resumé and covering letter, detailing how you are suited to the role, to [email protected] by the date above. Please ensure your email has the subject heading ‘Advocacy Officer – Reprieve US’, and that all attachments are sent in PDF format.

Reprieve US is seeking an Advocacy Officer to help coordinate our engagement with key stakeholders including policymakers, politicians, partner organizations, and the press. This person will work across Reprieve US’s core work areas, and be a point person for all of Reprieve US’s casework and project teams when they are looking to conduct advocacy work in the United States.

The Advocacy Officer will be based in Reprieve US’s Washington D.C. office. They will be supervised by a Deputy Director.

The Advocacy Officer will be responsible for monitoring significant developments in domestic US debates around Reprieve US’s core issues. They will communicate relevant developments to the relevant casework and project teams, and provide local insight and intelligence to inform to Reprieve’s responses to these issues.

The Advocacy Officer will track prospective legislative and policy changes which could impact Reprieve US’s work. They will draw on their networks and knowledge to analyze any such proposals and make recommendations for action. Where necessary, they will engage with legislators and political stakeholders in line with Reprieve US’s objectives and policies.

The Advocacy Officer will establish, maintain and develop relationships with stakeholders who may help advance Reprieve US’s work on a state and federal level, such as partner organizations, business representatives, politicians, journalists, diplomats, and funders. They will be responsible for sustaining these relationships so that allies can be called upon for support when necessary.

The Advocacy Officer may help coordinate public campaigning on Reprieve US cases and issues, whether that campaigning is publicly led by Reprieve US partners or by Reprieve US itself. This may involve preparing written materials, engaging with lawyers, experts and family members, and engaging with third parties who may be willing to make public or private interventions on behalf of the prisoners in question.

The Advocacy Officer will be comfortable working on new and emerging areas with limited supervision and will be receptive to learning from those around them.

The role may require significant travel within the United States and occasional travel to Reprieve’s London office, as well as work performed outside of normal office hours.

Areas of Responsibility: 


Monitor domestic developments relating to Reprieve’s core issues

  • Establish systems to stay across developments that are relevant to Reprieve’s work (e.g. Google alerts, pro bono monitoring of legislative developments by law firms, rolling research by fellows, etc);
  • Maintain regular contact with allies who can provide insight on relevant developments;
  • Provide timely updates to team members, highlighting the most important information about relevant developments;
  • Offer insight and analysis on relevant developments, along with initial suggestions of how Reprieve may proceed.

Produce advocacy materials

  • Draft briefing papers, formal correspondence, presentations, reports, and other advocacy documents articulating Reprieve’s key messages to target audiences;
  • Proactively coordinate team members’ input into public-facing documents, and obtain authorization for these documents from the relevant members of the casework team and managers;
  • Liaise with other members of the team in order to identify effective ways to present and disseminate Reprieve’s messages.

Maintain relationships with key stakeholders

  • Establish and maintain contact with the leading groups working on Reprieve’s issues in the U.S, and coordinate with these partners to ensure Reprieve’s advocacy efforts complement and enhance ongoing efforts;
  • Conduct engagement with stakeholders including but not limited to: think tanks and research organizations; business representatives; Reprieve clients, family members; third parties and advocacy groups affected by Reprieve’s issues.
  • Maintain relationships with foreign governments’ diplomatic representatives in DC and in relevant consulates, keeping missions up to date with Reprieve’s work and ensuring Reprieve remains plugged in to relevant activities;
  • Build a network of political contacts in Washington D.C. and in key states, who may advise and intervene on legislation and other political issues which may impact Reprieve’s work;
  • In collaboration with the Director and the Development and Outreach team, maintain relationships with Reprieve’s funders and take opportunities to keep them up to date with Reprieve’s work, while also understanding the wider funding landscape and spotting opportunities to engage new potential funders.

Conduct political engagement in support of Reprieve’s strategic objectives

  • Draw on public sources and private networks to closely monitor state and national political developments which may impact our work;
  • Identify where there is a realistic prospect legislation may be introduced on issues affecting our work
  • Make recommendations to the Director, Deputy Directors, and Project Leads as to possible approaches to political engagement around prospective legislation;
  • Prepare materials on prospective legislation for dissemination to political stakeholders either directly or via local partner organizations;
  • Conduct or support political engagement via direct meetings with legislators or participation in legislative hearings;
  • Coordinate joint advocacy with local groups around prospective legislation;
  • Coordinate with the Deputy Director and Director of Operations to ensure any and all political engagement is conducted in a manner which complies with state and national regulation.

Conduct media engagement in support of Reprieve’s strategic objectives

  • Build a good understanding of the media environment in key states and how this may impact Reprieve's strategic objectives;
  • Work with the media team to determine the most appropriate way of handling contact with journalists in key states;
  • Support the media team in preparing materials for engagement with journalists, either directly or via local partners.
  • Coordinate with local partners to establish whether and how media engagement should be conducted to serve our goals;

Support Reprieve’s casework and project teams on case-specific engagement

  • Maintain a good working knowledge of the cases Reprieve is working on;
  • Advise the casework and project teams on how Reprieve's work on individual cases may intersect with the organization's wider US work and strategic advocacy in key states;
  • Work closely with the team to identify where there is a need for strategic advocacy around individual cases;
  • Support the wider US team in identifying and engaging influential third parties who could make valuable interventions on individual cases;
  • Support the development of advocacy materials on individual cases, including briefings, opinion pieces, media pitches, and letters on behalf of interested third parties;

Key Contacts

Reporting to a Deputy Director, the Advocacy Officer will work closely with the policy and media teams, the regional casework and project teams, Director and Deputy Directors, Fellows and others engaged by Reprieve; partner organizations and third-party service providers.

Educational Background: 
Bachelors' Degree

Person Specification

Essential (E) and Desirable (D)

  • A genuine interest in human rights and a commitment to Reprieve’s goals (E) 
  • Eligible to live and work in the US (E)
  • At least 3 years professional experience in an advocacy, lobbying or communications role (E)
  • A bachelors’ degree in a relevant field (E)
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills (E)
  • Highly organized with attention to detail (E)
  • Ability to progress multiple streams of work independently (E)
  • Ability to own, maintain, and develop stakeholder relationships (E)
  • Ability to think creatively and problem-solve (E)
  • Excellent knowledge of US government and politics (E)
  • Proven ability to juggle multiple tasks and exercise good judgment in a high-pressured environment (E)
  • Sound judgment and discretion with respect to highly confidential and sensitive information (E)
  • Ability to work harmoniously and collaboratively in a small team (E)
  • Ability to manage a remote working arrangement efficiently by taking responsibility for effective communication systems and showing respect for colleagues’ time (E)
  • Proficiency with MS Word, MS Excel, and MS Outlook (E)
  • Prior experience working on human rights issues relating to the death penalty, extrajudicial killings, torture, or arbitrary detention (D)
  • Familiarity with WordPress and basic web design (D)

The role is a full-time role. The annual salary is $60,000 per annum and we offer a generous health, vision and dental insurance package. We also offer generous vacation time of 25 days paid leave per year, plus federal holidays.

The position will be based in Reprieve’s offices in Washington, DC. Applicants must be eligible to work in the US. Reprieve is an equal opportunity employer.

How to Apply: 

To apply, please submit a resumé and covering letter, detailing how you are suited to the role, to [email protected] by the date above. Please ensure your email has the subject heading ‘Advocacy Officer – Reprieve US’, and that all attachments are sent in PDF format.

Additional Information: 

Interview dates: March 5 and 6, 2020 - NYC and March 10 and 11, 2020 - Washington DC

Please visit for more details. 

Applicants must be eligible to work in the US. Reprieve is an equal opportunity employer.

Organization Info

Reprieve US

New York, NY
Annual Budget : 
1-10 employees
About Us

Reprieve US is a registered 501(c)(3) assisting victims of extreme human rights abuses carried out by governments. We are made up of lawyers and investigators helping people facing detention without trial, execution and extrajudicial killing. We are a small team but we are fearless in our fight for justice.

We work closely with our sister organization, Reprieve, a UK charity founded in 1999 by British-American lawyer Clive Stafford Smith. Reprieve uses strategic interventions to end the use of the death penalty globally, and secret prisons and state-sanctioned assassinations in the context of the so-called “war on terror”.

We work for the most disenfranchised people in society, as it is in their cases that human rights are most swiftly jettisoned and the rule of law is cast aside. Thus, we promote and protect the rights of those facing the death penalty and those who are the victims of extreme human rights abuses committed in the context of the so-called “war on terror” (WOT), with a focus on secret prisons and state-sanctioned assassinations.

Underpinning Reprieve’s strategic focus is the notion that countries such as the US and the UK hold themselves out as shining examples of democratic societies that respect the rule of law and human rights, and therefore should be held to exacting standards in terms of how they respond to acts or allegations of terrorism and murder. Their responses have ripple effects worldwide, and are frequently used to justify the continuation of the death penalty, extrajudicial killing, torture, rendition and unlawful detention by countries ranging from “aspiring exemplars” to “worst offenders”.

Reprieve works with partners in jurisdictions all over the world, including Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), government officials, individual lawyers and human rights defenders, as well as individual, corporate and foundation funders.


Guantánamo Bay

Reprieve U.S. represents seven prisoners in Guantánamo Bay and has freed over 80 men from wrongful detention at the facility, including juveniles like Mohammed el Gharani.  We also run a unique prisoner resettlement program, Life After Guantánamo, which helps ex-prisoners from Guantánamo to reunite with their families, access medical care, and rebuild their lives peacefully and securely.

Abuses in Counter-Terrorism

Reprieve U.S. investigates extra-judicial killing and detention around the world and reunites ‘disappeared’ prisoners with their legal rights. Our Drones Project pursues greater transparency, due process and regulation in the use of drones to kill outside of war zones. Among our clients are the al-Saadi family, anti-Gaddafi dissidents who were rendered back to Gaddafi in a joint CIA-MI6 operation when the eldest child was just 12 years old, and Faisal Bin Ali Jaber, an engineer from Yemen who is seeking justice for his brother-in-law and nephew who were killed in a U.S. drone strike.

Death Penalty

Reprieve U.S. is assisting over a number of prisoners facing the death penalty in the USA and around the world. We prioritize cases where an international influence can make all the difference. In the U.S., Reprieve’s Stop Lethal Injection Project works with pharmaceutical corporations to ensure that medicines created to cure are not used to kill. We have helped to save over 500 people from wrongful execution.

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