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Strategic Support Manager, Executive Office

Boston, MA, USA

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Position Overview

Reporting to the Chief of Staff, the Strategic Support Manager will support the creation and implementation of key systems and processes to create organizational efficiencies, enable agility, support decision making, drive toward clarity, and increase alignment while ensuring the operational effectiveness of the CEO and Chief of Staff. 

We are seeking a generalist who loves to solve problems, connect dots, build systems, create efficiencies and to do so without an ego, always centering the good of the organization as the main goal. 

Areas of Responsibility: 

Key Areas of Responsibility

Executive Office Support

  • Provide scheduling, operational management, and proactive planning to support the CEO and Chief of Staff.
  • Build systems, manage processes, and gather necessary information to ensure effective and efficient workflow of the CEO and Chief of Staff. 
  • Oversee and execute general office operations that relate to the CEO’s & Chief of Staff’s work.
  • Manage all logistics for the Board of Directors to ensure they have the information, tools, and materials to execute their function on behalf of GreenLight.
  • Lead the development of systems and processes to ensure our Board of Directors remain engaged and connected to the work of GreenLight.
  • Support communication between the CEO, Chief of Staff, board members, and GreenLight’s board chair and co-founder.


  • Manage and maintain internal systems to track progress to annual organizational and strategic goals.
  • Support and triage cross functional workflows to help ensure clear priorities, ownership, stakeholder engagement, and agile decision making.
  • In the event of capacity gaps, provide support to meet critical needs, smooth transitions, and keep our organization and goals on track. 
  • Support the creation and implementation of systems and processes to strengthen organizational leadership and cross functional collaboration. 


  • Support the development of systems and internal processes to maintain strong internal communication.
  • Manage the logistics for the annual staff retreat as well as Management and Leadership Team retreats.
  • Manage the agenda creation and facilitation of staff meetings.


  • Manage cross functional special projects from start to finish.


Believe In Racial Equity, Inclusion, & Belonging: You recognize the ways that race, gender, and other identities intersect in our work and in the communities that we serve. You understand the historical context for racial inequity and its present-day implications and are comfortable talking about race, gender, and other identities. You are able to hear, reflect, and act on feedback related to identity and equity with the aim to learn. 

Self Confidence to Execute: You believe in your own capabilities and knowledge, and work to grow your skills, to effect positive outcomes and succeed even where others may not. You take responsibility for your actions and hold yourself accountable. 

Service Orientation: You don’t approach your work with ego and understand the critical need to keep the ultimate goals of organizational success and the effective and efficient operations of the CEO, Chief of Staff, and organizational leadership at the forefront while performing your day-to-day duties. 

Project Management: You assess the complexities and dependencies in managing projects/activities; break down work into discrete tasks and target dates for personal or team completion. You prioritize activities based on what’s most important and urgent, factoring in organizational, functional, and individual objectives.

Manage Up: You regularly anticipate challenges and actively work to prevent them regarding the work of the CEO and Chief of Staff, and you are comfortable sharing your perspective to those more senior than you in the organization.

Communication Skills & Responsiveness: You express yourself using clear, effective, and efficient language. You Listen patiently and attentively and adapt the purpose of the communication with appropriate style, substance, detail, and confidence. You consistently deliver on timelines and commitments made to others and promptly respond to emails, phone calls, texts etc.

Discretion and Confidentiality: You have the ability to keep essential information confidential and appropriate for specific audiences. 




Preference for position to be based in Boston. Open to candidates being based in one of GreenLight Fund's other cities: Atlanta, Baltimore, Charlotte, Cincinnati, Detroit, Kansas City, Newark, Philadelphia, San Francisco Bay Area or Twin Cities Minnesota. 


The salary range for this position is $75,000 - $80,000 commensurate with skills and experience.

GreenLight offers a generous benefits package that includes medical, dental, and vision insurance, 401k match, and generous PTO and parental leave, as well as short- and long-term disability, life insurance, FSA, EAP, remote work assistance, health and wellness stipend, and professional development stipend. 

GreenLight Fund is committed to fostering diversity, equity and inclusion at every level of the organization. GreenLight Fund recognizes and appreciates the value of building a diverse workforce and creating an inclusive work environment. GreenLight Fund takes pride in being an equal opportunity employer regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, gender expression, gender identity, genetic information, marital status, national or ethnic origin, physical or mental ability, race, region, sexual orientation or veteran status.  

If you need assistance or accommodation due to a disability, you may contact us at [email protected]

How to Apply: 

Organization Info

GreenLight Fund

Boston, MA, USA
Annual Budget : 
11-50 employees
About Us

Since its founding in 2004, GreenLight has worked at the intersection of social innovation and community need. GreenLight is focused on identifying the most urgent barriers to economic mobility for low-income residents in our communities and addressing them by selecting and bringing in the country’s best social innovations that have proven impact. We do this by running a process in our communities that bring together key local leaders to:

  • Identify critical needs
  • Find and bring into the community innovative, entrepreneurial social programs that can have a significant, measurable impact addressing those needs, and
  • Galvanize local support to help programs reach and sustain impact in the new city. 

We have run this selection and importation process 27 times in our eight sites: Boston, San Francisco Bay Area, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Detroit, Charlotte, Kansas City and Atlanta. Collectively, portfolio organizations across our sites are reaching more than 72,000 individuals annually with proven, life-changing programs. This number is growing exponentially as we add new sites and new portfolio organizations across our sites.

To learn more about the GreenLight Fund, please visit

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Aug 4 2022
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Sep 4 2022
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