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Executive Director

Denver, CO, USA

How to Apply

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The Executive Director works with the Advisory Board of Directors to establish the strategic direction of the organization and to develop and implement effective policies and programs to support the organization’s mission and vision. S/he represents the Network’s purpose and programs to community partners, donors, outside organizations and to the public, and develops and administers standards and procedures related to staffing the organization, budget, and has overall responsibility for staff hiring, supervision, management and development.

Areas of Responsibility: 

Works with the Advisory Board of Directors and the Colorado Nonprofit Development
Center to develop and update the strategic plan.
• Identifies need for fundamental strategic or operational changes and brings such matters to the Advisory
Board for action.
• Develops and monitors strategies, objectives, and tactics to execute the strategic plan.
• Hires, supervises, and evaluates organizational consultants, fellowship coaches, and staff.
• Participates in key meetings with relevant Charter Management Organization leadership and organizational
partners to accomplish organizational goals.
• Creates strategic alliances to support the goals in both the short and long term.
• Develops and monitors annual budget.
• Establishes benchmarks for program evaluation, and reports on progress regularly to the Advisory Board.
• Oversees and executes all administrative matters for the organization such that operational details are
handled routinely, smoothly, and accurately.
• Oversees all issues related to the workplace, including but not limited to IT, human resources, and office
• Oversees the effective marketing, communication, and branding efforts.
• Oversees all fundraising efforts and ensures that these efforts meet their goals effectively. This includes
managing and reporting on specific grant qualifications back to fundraisers.
• Issue regular progress reports to the Advisory Board, major donors, key stakeholders, including results to
date, recent activity, priority contacts to be made and next actions.
• Represents the Ganas Network routinely and professionally at local, state, and national events through
speaking, serving on committees, and presenting information sessions.
• Identifies potential Advisory Board members for the consideration of current Advisory Board.
• Collaborates effectively with Denver Public Schools and other relevant organizations, creating formal
partnerships to further organizational goals.
• Oversees all publications assuring consistency, accuracy, and professionalism.
• Serves as a primary spokesperson to the media.
• Performs other duties necessary to achieving organizational goals.


Full-time (40 hours/week)
o $85,000 salary
• Part-time (20-30 hours/week)
o $40,000-$60,000

How to Apply: 

Organization Info

The Ganas Network

Denver, CO, USA
About Us
Areas of Focus: 

The Ganas Network strives to organize, support, and activate a national network of ethnically diverse public charter school alumni as charter school advocates. To this end, the Network helps charter alumni develop the soft skills to win in their burgeoning careers and the knowledge and desire to become lifelong charter school advocates.


Launched in July 2020, The Ganas Network works with charter school alumni who recently completed a baccalaureate or will graduate in 2022 to:

  1. Prepare them for the professional business cultures they encounter, connect them to business opportunities, support them in navigating hiring managers and supervisors, and provide them with skills that will contribute to their success in a business workplace.
  2. Provide opportunities to share how public charter schools contributed to their success with policymakers.
  3. Deepen their understanding of policymaking, the important role they can play in charter school advocacy and leadership, and what it takes to run for political office.

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Jul 15 2021
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Aug 14 2021
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The Ganas Network